Hello all!!

I have created this blog to share my experiences of working at home with other young moms who are considering transforming to this.  I currently work from home. I have been doing mostly freelance writing but I have now added taking surveys to my daily work.

Working from home is not a get rich over night type thing. But it is rewarding in the end if you stick to it and put in some hard work. From my experience so far I would say freelance writing is the best  but,  there are other work at home jobs such as data entry, personal assistants, tutors and many other options to choose from. There is a perfect job for basically anyone.

However, it will take a good amount of time to earn a decent income. In this economy any amount of income helps though.I find it hard sometimes going to school and having a small child around but I manage and so can you.

You may wonder what makes my blog different from all the other work at home moms blogs. There are two things that make it unique. First, I only write about things that I have personally tried/am doing now. This is not like other blogs where the post the options and have no clue whether they pay or not. All of the places I list I have been paid by them/continuously get paid by them. Second, I am looking to encourage the young work at home moms to stay motivated and do not lose hope while at the same time offering great advice on how to increase their work at home income. It is like we are taking this journey together.

As time goes on I will post up here and let you know how my earnings are going, which sites I am using and new avenues that I am exploring. Maybe you will find something that will help you out.


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