MySurvey is one of the legit survey sites. You earn points for the surveys that are completed and sometimes you are given an entry into one of their giveaways. The points can be cashed out for a variety of different things such as PayPal cash, DVD’s, Gift Cards, and donations to charities. Unlike some of the other survey sites, MySurvey allows you to actually meet a minimum amount of points for a decent prize if you fit their criteria.

I have been taking surveys with MySurvey for a year now. You may notice them occasionally still appearing in my breakdowns. I still recommend this survey site. Throughout this past year I have cashed out via PayPal numerous times and I have even purchased a few DVD’s with my points. Obviously, you will not become rich off of this site but it is a great way to get presents or have extra cash throughout the year.


4 thoughts on “MySurvey

  1. I used to do surveys on there whenever they popped up and in the end it really paid off a few months later when I was low on cash and they sent me a check with my earnings. I still do them since it is just a survey every day or two. ChaCha is nice just because you control how much you make based on how long you are willing to answer questions. I set it up and answer questions while watching a movie and make $10-15 just during a movie.

  2. MySurvey is legit, I know I used it. Though there are faster and easier ways to make money. For instance, ChaCha you can use an easy to use interface to answer questions for two cents each… and it adds up quick since I can usually do a question every ten seconds. Take a look at my blog, I have an entry about it. I like it when I have writers block and want to be able to give my brain a break while working or if I only have 15 minutes or so of free time to work.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I am using my survey so I can get rewards for Christmas gifts. The surveys are short and easy. Also I usually get about a survery every other day.

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