Text Broker

Text broker was the very first site that I started to work for. It is  a great site for beginners. With this site you submit a sample article and they rate you by stars. The more articles you write the more money you make as with any other site. They have two payouts a month which pay via paypal. The minimum amount of money you have to make to cash out is $10 but you will probably make more than that. My first pay out with them was $92.11 but I have heard that others who work with the company have been paid as much as $300 on the first payout. However, this was a good amount for me being that all I was doing was writing articles. Also with textbroker you never have to worry about there being a shortage in work.


4 thoughts on “Text Broker

  1. is there a way to delete something you wrote on the forums on there?
    I wrote something and realised it was against the rules and now I need to edit it.
    Problem is they’ll only let you edit the most resent post, not the first post.
    I so scared I’ll be banned from TB because I was stupid and made a misteak.
    Sorry to yell : /

  2. “Also with textbroker you never have to worry about there being a shortage in work.”

    Very untrue! I’ve been writing for Text Broker for about a year now and there has been a significant shortage in available articles. As of right now, there are only ten level 2 articles available and no level 3 articles at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am a level 4 writer, I would not be able to work on their website.

    Obviously, I work full time from home as a freelancer and the sudden shortage in work on Text Broker is somewhat scary. This is also due to the fact that Text Broker has several people rating articles, which means that you never know what kind of rating you will receive. I’m a level 4 now but could be dropped to a level 3 tomorrow.

    1. This blog was written some time ago. When I wrote this in I was using textbroker as my main egg. They had lot’s of work and paid twice a month. However, I have not used them this month. I have noticed a lot of sites have been slow on work but they say it is because of the holiday, which is understandable, and after the holiday has passed the work will pick back up.

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