Day 3

Day three was a good day for me even though I didn’t write to many articles on any of my sites I was able to make close to $100 today. I exceed my goal of $50 today and I am very proud of myself. My motivation level is at 100% because now I see that there is money in writing. I am thankful for my private client having a good amount of work available however it will be keeping me busy for a while so I have had to make some changes to my plan, instead of writing five articles a day on each site I am changing it to making $50 a day everyday. I find that this is going to be better because I can mix the sites up on days when one site has all the good topics I will use that one and so on. However, I will at least make sure that I always make the payout limits so I will be able to stay active on them for back up. Wish me luck I will keep you updated and at the end of the month I will put up a chart of my earnings for april starting at the 15th, since this is when I started the new plan. Also I will show my monthly earning for April based on a break down of how I achieved it so beginners will be able to see that you can start out making more than a few dollars a month. I have already made a couple of hundred this month already and I am hoping by the end I will be close to $1000 but we will just have to see.


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