Day 4

Day four was another good day. I made close to $80 which I consider to be good. I wrote two articles for TCA and the rest for a private client. This looks like earnings for this week will be the best since I have started writing. I am wondering why didn’t I think of this before.

For all of the newcomers just stick with your goals and things will start paying off. When I first started I didn’t think I would be able to do as good as I am doing. But, look at how things are working out. I had tried previously to get into working from home with no luck. However, I am glad that I can and tried again. Everyone just stay motivated and I am here to help if I can.


7 thoughts on “Day 4

    1. Apply for as many different sites as you can. Throughout my blog I have listed entries that have worked for me and I have been paid from. Good places to start are textbroker, the content authority and cloud crowd. Odesk is also good once you get your foot in the door. Also have you tried advertising your services on craigslist?

  1. Okay! I’ll put a link up in my side bar and be sure to mention your blog in my post later today.

    And yes, writing is really great. There is a huge market no matter what your knowledge base or interests are!

  2. Hi! I’m a WAHM-to-be and I’ve actually got a blog going as well about working from home. Writing is a great way to make money! I know it is how I’m earning money so I can buy a domain and hosting. Perhaps a link swap? I would be more than happy to link to you on my blog and do a little entry about it.

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