Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is a site that I use when other things are slow. They do have clients who pay good money for doing articles however most of the offers consist of surveys and other miscellaneous work for a very cheap price. But it is easy so it can add up quickly. There are two ways you can get paid either via gift card or bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal for the amazon gift card is $1.00 and for the bank transfer it is $10. I will let you know in my monthly earnings how much can be expected to be made with this site.


2 thoughts on “Amazon Mechanical Turk

  1. Mturk is alright when you check for companies that are confirmed to pay at the Turker Nation forum. I just signed up for Clickworker. They have a similar platform but might be less hassle for payout. I prefer paypal. I don’t like Amazon’s payout system. Haven’t tried Microtask. There are a bunch of them now.

    Great blog.
    Thx for the service you provide.

    1. When I used to work for them frequently. I did the $3.00 travel articles and articles by QuestionSwami they pay good and they always pay. I would always have the money go to my bank account or either I would spend it buying items from Amazon.

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