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This is a new site I am going to focus on this month. It is very easy to use. You can sell them your articles. Or you can write articles for revenue share. They pay conveniently through paypal. Also if you prefer to write with some guidelines behind it you can even select and article from the assignments list. I find this site to be good for when a private client doesn’t pay. That way you can still get some money off the work that you have done.

Check out my profile to see some of the articles I have published:


13 thoughts on “Yahoo Contributor

  1. What kind of articles does yahoo want?
    I’ve submitted two so far and they’ve been declined.
    What kind of stuff have you written about?
    Do they want what’s trending and hot now, or random and unique?
    It’s really tough to keep my head up about writing when I keep getting rejects, or rewrites, and I’ve posted in several cities in Or, even in Portland and I never get any private clients. (For CL I mean)
    Sorry, just wishing I could write like you.
    You sound like you work really hard, but your work pays off.
    I work really hard and my work gets nothing.

    1. They have like the assignment board or you can submit content on your own for either rev share or sometimes they will purchase it. I haven’t been doing to much for them (this is going sound bad I know), but usually when I was published with them if I had to write a paper for school I would submit a rough draft or if a client rejected my work I would publish it there. However, I had really forgotten all about them since I have only gotten paid once by them. Rev share is slow when its not a popular topic. Some people in the forums claim to make a lot but that’s not my situation with them. If you want to see what I have done here is the link:

      It can be hard sometimes writing but once you get established it gets easier, well for the most part anything. Personally, I think the hardest thing about writing is the fact of not knowing whether or not you will be paid. I am getting half up front now but it can be a living nightmare trying to get the other half from some after work is complete. So, I know things can get stressful but most of the time writing is worth it.

      1. Writing in itself is worth it, I do it without getting paid all the time.
        I guess I have a lot to learn and some hoops to jump through.
        I don’t mind getting dirty, a little.
        Thanks for the link for what you wrote, I hope it’s not too personal to ask if they paid you for the article you wrote on dogs, because that seems like a pretty good topic to write about. Simple and easy, I don’t mean that as an insult.
        My most resent attempt to have something published by them was about how the junk food most kids eat at home is making them fat.
        I thought that was very interesting, and relevant with the times.
        I don’t know why it didn’t work.
        They said it wasn’t something that anyone would be interested in.

      2. No, I get rev share off of that one because it is opinion based. The only one I have gotten up front for was ” How To Separate The Good Writers From The Bad”. Wow they really said that. That is amazing because as you can see mine is mostly on school assignments, it would seem like more people would want to read your topic than mine. But, as I said I use like school work and rejected assignments on them really wouldn’t put to much time into writing original content for them. But, have you talked to some people in the forums up there they may can offer better advice than I can.

  2. Glad to see you are safe and sound from the storm.

    Oh, I’m sorry, I meant where can you sell your articles on Yahoo contributor?
    I can’t see a place on their site where you can sell your work.
    I see lots of assignments, but they are only for performance work and not for money.
    Where can you submit an article on Yahoo for money?

    1. Oh okay. That wouldn’t be found under the assignments tab instead you would have to go to submit content and that is where you can post your original work that is on any topic you choose. When you submit it you will have the option to opt for performance pay or upfront pay.

  3. or where can you write for revenue sharing?
    I’m sorry I must ask you a million questions a day!
    Thanks in advance!
    I look on here daily!

  4. how and where can you sell them your articles?
    I’ve been on there for months and all the assignments I can see are the ones that are for performance only meaning no money.

    1. I have sold a few articles on the digital point forum. I am not sure of any other places besides yahoo contributor. You may can ask around on wahm and they may can help.

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