First Week Of May

This week I did not meet my goal. I have averaged about $100. I have just been so busy getting settled into my new Composition class and trying to find new avenues to make money that I havent been getting much writing done. Also it doesn’t help that I have done a bunch of work for a client and now they don’t want to pay. But non paying clients is something that freelance writers run into every once in a while so I will not be getting discouraged. Next week I will just start off fresh with a clear mind and try to make up for the slow week I have had this week.

However, most of my earnings this week came from odesk. They have a lot of good assignments passing through on a daily basics. All of the clients that I choose to do work for have been verified and have good feedbacks. Not saying that the newer ones wont pay but that is just something that I can not really afford right now. After getting scammed for hundreds of dollars I really cannot afford to lose anymore money, especially with it getting closer for the baby to come.

This is just a little update on how my week has been going. I hope everyone else has had a very productive week so far. Feel free to share your success stories as well.


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