Beware of this private client!!!

There are a lot of good private clients out there yet some of them are scam artists. I recently, got scammed by one in April. Her alias are Resa Writes, Tavon James, Shakirya James & Theresa Smith. She will usually target people through work at home forums. I ran into her on When I first started working for her she always paid on time and she has a stead amount of work available. However, towards the middle of April she had a lot of unexpected things happen, which in return delayed pay. Then when the storms to place down south, she lives in Alabama, there were more excuses and delayed payments. Well to make a long story short I got scammed out of $362 dollars then when looking back on wahm I was able to see that she has gotten others. Also she has done this before back in the middle of 2010 which was listed on some other boards.

So I am warning everyone about her so you do not experience what some others and myself have went through. In the beginning she will pay and also have a steady amount of work however when she builds your trust she will start giving you large projects and you will not see the money for those.

Luckily, I have saved all the articles I wrote for her and since she didn’t pay for them I will be able to use them for myself. I plan to use them for some of the revenue sharing sites I work for. I wont make what the articles are worth probably but something is better than nothing. I’m just disappointed because of her non-payment it is going to mess up my goals for this month.

Just a heads up to everyone before excepting a private client, even if they have good reviews left about them on discussion forums, check them out first on other sites and This will save you from wasting your time in the end.

Here is a link to what another writer had to say about this client:


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