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This site is a scam. They DO NOT pay. They have you post ads on Craigslist and tell you to order a Rush Card so you can receive payment. However, no one has gotten paid for the work that they have done recently. I have tried them out and I have not been paid. Also there is no real way to contact them all you have to rely on is the email that they send you when they are confirming pay. Which I am thinking is an automatic reply. This is because I did a little test with them I submitted 5 links and said that I had submitted 20 and when I got the confirmation of the links I had submitted it said 20 had been submitted when I know there was only 5.

If anyone has had any success with this company feel free to share. From what I am seeing this company is a big scam.


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  1. And I blasted this fact out in my blog and people are reading it. I wrote up a whole review about this scam of a company but there are others on the scene doing the same thing! Minute Workers also has small jobs, some of which are for you to advertise on craigslist and pay you 10 cents or something. They know they are only risking your good name and your ability to advertise on craigslist in the future!

  2. So what I’ve found out so far is that people who haven’t been paid by Adplacers can’t report them because they want you to disregard the terms and conditions in craigslist to get paid to post adds for them? Therefore they only asked you to do this and you did of your own free will. This would hold up in the court of law but I have never engaged in this practice, opening the door for me to report them. All you would have to do is look at this website and know that this is true. I am on the hunt and will refer back here to get a good idea of who and how to report them. They scammed me out of my time. In my book my time is valuable!

  3. It’s actually illegal to post ads to craigslist and be paid for it. Absolutely and they will take you to court. So I’d beware of those filing claims. You are doing something that Craigslist does not approve of and is against the law.

      1. Well I suppose they can go for both parties. But they are not the one’s that hold an account and therefore are not responsible for the actions of the account holder. And it’s the account holders responsibilty to read the faqs. And that is also why when one signs up, you have agree to the terms and conditions.

  4. Ok. I am having the same problem with this so called program.The first month I started I posted $300.oo worth of ads but I only got paid $100.00. The second month I posted $253.00 worth of ads but pnly got paid $100.00. These peaople still owe me $353.00 back pay. They have not been responding to my emails. I sent them another email saying that if they don’t respond and pay the full amount of money that I am owed I will file a compalint against them.

  5. I’ve begun the complain filing process and sent a complaint into the CA Attorney General and asked for info on how to file a small claim against this person. This is the direct link to do that.

    Also, I went to the Internet Crimes website that is posted above, but their questions you ask don’t really pertain to our situation, so I emailed them and am waiting a response. I’m also going to file a complaint with the CA Chamber of Commerce and will let you know what happens. If we all take these steps at basically the same time then we WILL have an impact on these scammers and the chances of getting our money increase! Also I told Lisa that Im still posting ads until I get something from them saying I can’t. Im counting up the bucks and taking them to court if I can! Goodluck people! Lets get what we came to earn!


    1. Thanks for the link, I just filed my complaint there also, hopefully something will get done.

      By the way Mike, who is Lisa?

  6. What is interesting about my experience with Ad Placers led me to this blog by a very short route. I was all for it and began filling out the sign up information. Only then did it say I would need the Rush Card. This put up a yellow light for me. So I Googled for the possibility that this is a scam. I found this website near the top of the search engine listings. Thanks to the conversations in here I was spared from wasting my time on it. I will be sharing this web site on my blog as a resource and talk about it’s value to my own personal hunt for all things “online income”.

    1. Yes please share. I try to keep this blog updated as much as I can so people can find out about the legit work at home jobs as well as avoid the many scammers out there.

  7. Just an update- I had been watching here and saw that some people got an email about payments being sent out on the 30th of May- I had not gotten that email. The last email I had gotten was after I inquired about payment she wrote back and said they were delayed for weekend and should be processed soon. I have not been paid and I sent an email yesterday asking what was up and nothing back. If this was something that was working and people had been paid before then I think its a shame because would have been a nice set up- but either case- as for which ads I was posting was one for storage and one for ad placers network.

    If anyone moves forward for something in reporting all of this just let me know what info I should help with. Not sure what can be done but at least getting the scam shut down would help others not fall into it.

  8. My top question would be-if this company can’t make payroll why is it inviting more on? Usually when a company is not fluid it stops recruiting. I won’t be joining any time soon! Feed back would have to be a lot more positive first. I think of it as not just self preservation but solidarity with those who are owed money!

    1. The reason they are inviting more is because they are a scam. That is what scammers do they scam a bunch of different people. They may stop after a couple of weeks after they have really been put out there but then they will probably move on to some new scam unless they feel they have made enough money off of this one.

      1. This I know, I’m just saying that if they can’t make payroll and I was working for them I’d cease, desist and attack!!! I’d waste my precious time to use every avenue available to me to alert the uninitiated.

  9. The explanation I can think of for some people getting paid and others not getting paid is that she has us advertise by posting- then she pays us for it out of the commissions she gets from affiliates. We are all posting different ads- so depends on which affiliate of hers your posting when you’ll get paid. Either way it’s a shady way to do things- we’re posting for her- so she owes the money when its due- not after she gets paid- if we wanted to wait we should just be posting directly to advertise our own affiliate links with the affiliates she advertises for.

    1. What ads were you guys posting? I was posting the same Ad Jason posted above about low income APTS and PT online work. I’m glad I only did $5 worth. I feel bad for you guys. This sucks and I hope this beotch goes down!

      1. I was posting about football and another one to get people to work for their site. This is a sad situation but this is also something that comes along with working from home.

  10. Im so not posting ads for a whole month to get nothing. What are we gonna do to get our money? I stated earlier that we can report them to the government over there. Attorney General, Chamber of Commerce. Someone mentioned that they are an attorneys wife? Can we petition a class action with one of your husbands attorney friends in CA maybe? This would be awesome! The economy sucks too bad to be jerkin people off (in a bad way). We need to take action!

    People Im on Facebook mfries22 if we are gonna do this and get serious email me, cause Im gonna draft something up with her info and send it off by the end of the week.

  11. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, these people are making a killing off of us with the rush card alone. They get $5 for everyone that activates a card, we get nothing but grief and disappointment.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I did not know that. I have been noticing alot of people have been looking at this post so hopefully it is slowing down the number of people who are getting ripped off by this company.

    2. I figured they got a commission from the Rush Card, however many people are not activating their card and waiting until they are paid from Ad Placers for the card to be activated. So they won’t be making any money from those people lol.

      1. Thank God for that! That’s what I did. I sent them a nasty email informing them of my plans to take legal actions. I got no reply, guess you already knew that though. Well they have till the end of the day to reply and send my money or we move forward full force. Oh and what they didn’t know is i was playing with them and doing my own little investigating. They aren’t aware just just but the little secret is…this time they scammed the attorney’s wife. LOL!!!! Let’s play ball now!

  12. Hello everyone!

    I received the stupid email saying the new pay schedule had changed to the 30th also. They sent this to me as soon as I reached my $100 payout. Well, today is the 30th and no pay…go figure. These people owe me $450 and by god I want my damn money. They will not answer any emails at all. Can anyone tell me how they got the info on the site owner being Sharon? The name I have from the email about the rush card number was from a Marc Malone. Like everyone here, I need my money. I am SO not going down like this.

  13. It is the 30th today. Did anyone get paid? I did one days work and will not continue until I see people have been paid.

  14. To Robert,

    I don’t trust anyone and that’s how I call it when Im pissed. Im not so insecure to let someone’s words bug me. They don’t know my family, and I don’t know them. The only thing I know is that if Im not paid Im not doin business. So far they’ve “trickled” some cash in front of us, but I wanna see my balance by the 30th of THIS month, not next. Im counting on this money.

    1. I’m sorry that happened to you Robert! There are obviously some frayed nerves out there. I was interested in what you had to say. By the end of June we shall all know something but I just won’t join it until I hear a lot of positive feedback. I wish you and everyone else much luck and hope everyone is pouring a glass of Champagne one month from now!

  15. Well they kept their word and paid the $100 today,so I guess I would wait and see if I get my balance at the end of next month 🙂

    1. Hmmm nobody but you got paid Robert. Thats weird.

      Maybe you are in on it with these scammers and you’re just spouting propaganda to dissuade potential and current ad placers employees to go forward with decision to join or with their work?

      Maybe, maybe not.

  16. WOW how many of you have been scammed before where you took money out of your pocket and got nothing for it and moved on…if it was a scam I don`t think Mr Buffington would have been paid $1,023 in march as he have stated in the above post and mike will you like anyone to call your mother,sister,aunt or daughter the B word?as Ms Moore has stated that it is a new company and new companies always will have growing pains…I know there is no one with a gun to our heads forcing us to placed these ADS!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Robert,

      You have some good points. However, even though people have been paid it does not mean that it is not a scam. I can say this from experience I worked for a private client who always paid on time. Then about after a month she stopped paying and always said I would get paid and I never did. I even started a post about it here. So it does happen. They do this to build a comfort level with people because they know we will spread the word about getting paid. Then once they have a good amount of money coming in they stop paying. This seems to be the case here with them.

    2. I understand but at the same time. Who runs a company not know what their funds are. If i cant afford it then tell everyone to stop posting… This is crazy. Then when i asked if there a number where you can be reached at i don;t get an answer for that question but i get an email saying we will be delaying our checks. I haven’t been paid in 2 months. Thats BS. I stop posting last month…

  17. I posted here earlier. I got the same “Top performer” email saying they’ll pay $100 dollars then the rest next month on the 30th. I recommend we all send letters to the California Attorney General and the LA Chamber of Commerce with all this info about this bitch and BRING HER DOWN! If we can make a blogged petition and send it to the government there then they’ll have to investigate! We may be able to bring a class action against this person and her “affiliates”!! Please let me know what you ALL think about this! I want my damn money too!

      1. Ad Placers Colleagues,

        I sent this lastnight after re-reading their policies. It’s about time to start acting if they don’t respond in 48 hours I would say. I have links to the CA Attorney General, Chamber of Commerce, and the Internet Crime sites if anyone needs them. Also if anyone has other ideas to share they are welcome. I am still continuing to post ads to run up a balance.


        PS: This is the email I sent to Lisa and Joseph. Dont have anyone elses, but if we are going to report them we should do it at the same time. Personally they have till Friday with me then Im pullin the trigger.

  18. Thank you everybody. I literally just saw these guys on Craigslist, and responded. Once I actually saw the email they sent me back it raised a red flag. I have been posting on Craigslist for awhile trying to make money with different affiliate programs and this seems to violate Craigslist posting policies. Maybe I’m missing something? Anyway, I think I’ll wait to see if anybody gets paid. Also, here’s a copy of the email I received.

    Thanks, Jason
    Having trouble viewing this email?
    Click here

    The Ad Placers Network


    Dear Jason,
    Welcome to The Ad Placers Network! Thank you for choosing to work with us. You have
    come to the right place if you would like to earn a little extra money each month
    to help make ends meet. You will be simply placing free ads online to help us promote
    various companies.
    This email contains your simple step by step instructions for placing the ads. You
    will be placing these ads on Craigslist. Please read these instructions carefully
    and make sure you understand the entire concept. Also enclosed is information for
    creating your own Craigslist account if you do not already have one.
    How you will be Paid
    First of all, we want to let you know that we will be paying you via a pre-paid Visa
    Rush card. You should
    Get a Prepaid Visa RUSHCARD Now
    . It’s Free and easy to apply today and your approval is guaranteed. So please apply
    for your Rush Card right away so you will have it when it comes time for us to pay
    Please note that the Rush card is a completely separate entity from us. Therefore
    any information you give them will never be shared with us.
    When you receive your Rush card in the mail, please email us your 16 digit card number
    so we can put it on file. When it is time for us to pay you, we will transfer the
    money onto your card. With your Rush card, we will be able to pay you very quickly
    and efficiently. You will receive your money immediately after we send your payment.
    So again, please click on this link to
    Get a Prepaid Visa RUSHCARD Now
    Creating a Designated Craigslist Account
    Now the first thing you will need to do is create a Craigslist account that is designated
    for placing our ads only. It will not take very long to create an account. But you
    will need to create a separate Hotmail email account first. So please go to
    and click the sign up button at the bottom of the page. Then just fill in the necessary
    boxes on the form and follow the directions as they are given to you. You should
    not need to access your hotmail account very often but you should remember your passcode
    just in case.
    After you have created your Hotmail account you can now go to
    and click on the link in the upper left side of the page that says
    ‘My Account’
    . Then click on the link in the bottom left side of the next page that says
    ‘Sign up for a new account’
    . Then just enter your new Hotmail email address in the box and follow the instructions
    as they are given to you. Once your account has been set up, you are all set to start
    placing the ads!
    Placing ads for us is a great way for you to earn a nice extra income. It should
    only take about 10 minutes to place each set of 10 ads. After posting each set of
    10 ads, we recommend that you wait about an hour before posting more ads. Please
    only post the ads that we are giving you in major metropolitan cities in your state
    or in the cities from the list below.
    After you have posted your first 10 ads, be sure to wait for about an hour and then
    you can continue to post the same ads again in the other major cities listed below.
    But please be sure to create new titles for your ads each time you place the ads.
    This will help prevent over posting and from getting a duplication error from Craigslist.
    Please post your first set of ads within the next 48 hours.
    Each time you post a new ad, you will need to create a new title. Please be creative
    and come up with new titles that will attract the attention of prospective customers.
    So please just use the titles that we are giving you as a sample of the type of titles
    that you can create.
    When you create your titles, please use mostly or all capital letters and use ► bullets
    sometimes. Also, please
    do not post the same ad in the same city at least until the next day.
    Again, if you would like to post these same ads on the same day, you can post them
    in another city from the list below but with different titles of course.
    We will pay you .50 for each ad posted. So if you post just 10 ads a day, that’s
    an extra $150 a month that you would earn. If you post ten ads every hour, that’s
    even more money for you. If you are daring, you could even post 10 ads every half
    hour but you stand a higher chance of having your ads blocked and even having your
    account disabled by Craigslist. So we recommend that you place no more than 10 ads
    per hour.
    Please place your first 10 ads within the next 48 hours or we will assume that you
    no longer want to do the program.
    Very Important:
    When you are finished placing ads each day, please go back to the main Craigslist
    page for the city that you placed your ads and click on the ads that you have placed
    that day. Then copy the addresses for the ads that is in your browser and paste and
    save them in a document file such as Word or Notepad. Then go to our Ad Verification
    webpage at
    at the end of the day and follow the instructions on the page to submit your ads
    for verification.
    Please note that you will receive credit only for those ads that are active and actually
    show up online. So when you verify that your ads actually appeared online, also please
    make sure that the link in the text of your ads is highlighted and working properly.
    If it is not highlighted, that means that it was inserted incorrectly. Your ads should
    appear online about 10 minutes after placing them.
    Don’t worry too much about ads that get flagged. It is pretty normal for our ads
    to get flagged from time to time. It is usually one of our competitors who flags
    the ads. So you will still get paid for ads that are flagged as long as they are
    not flagged because you placed too many ads at a time. That is why it is important
    that you place no more than 10 ads at a time.
    By the way, this program is only available to one person per household. So if you
    or another person is placing more than 10 at a time from the same ip address it will
    cause the ads to not appear online or get flagged and those ads will not qualify
    for payment. So play fair and don’t try to beat the system.
    Here are your simple step by step instructions for posting the ads:
    Step 1) The first thing you will need to do is log onto
    Step 2) Click on the “my account” tab in the top left hand corner of the page.
    Step 3) Enter the email address and password.
    Step 4) Select the city that you are placing the ad in from the drop down menu on
    the top right corner of the page.
    Step 5) Click on the appropriate category. (You may need to verify your phone number.
    Just follow the instructions given by Craigslist.)
    Step 6) Enter the title of your ad in the green box.
    Step 7) Paste the text of your ad in the description box.
    NOTE: The following step is very important.
    Step 8) After you have placed the text of your ad in the text box, you will need
    to scroll down to the bottom by hitting the enter bar about 10 or 15 times. Then
    at the bottom of the page, you will type several totally random letters and hit the
    space bar after every 5 or 6 letters. This will put many different non-sense words
    at the bottom of the page. If you do not perform this step, you may get an error
    page saying you are placing a duplicate ad. Do this process with a different set
    of random letters each time you place a new ad.
    Below are the ads you will be placing and what your ads should look like. But remember
    that these titles are only samples. You will need to create your own titles. Please
    make sure that your titles are very similar to these titles.
    The first line is your title and the next paragraph is the text of the ad followed
    by the random letters. Be sure to copy and paste the entire text paragraph into the
    text box. The bottom line is the category for you to place the ad:
    Ad# 1
    We have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and some are fully furnished. NO CREDIT CHECK
    required! No long term CONTRACTS and no DRAMA. Please visit
    to learn more today!
    Category: Housing Offered > Apts/ housing for rent
    Ad# 2
    Part Time HELP WANTED Online!!! ( no fees )
    Do you want a simple part time job that you can do from your own computer. Check
    to learn how to get started today.
    Category: Community > General Community
    (We recommend that you place these ads in 5 different cities at a time from the list
    Step 9) Next two pages just scroll to bottom of the page and click “continue”.
    Step 10) Enter the words in the box as instructed.
    Step 11) Email us your total number of Qualified ads placed everyday.
    That’s it! You can click on your email address in the top right hand corner of the
    page and you should see your ad highlighted in green. Your ad should go live about
    10 minutes after placing it. Repeat this process for the next ad.
    When your ads are highlighted in green, that means that your ads were placed successfully
    but it does not mean that they are live online yet. That is why you should go back
    to the Craigslist homepage after about 10 minutes after placing your ads and click
    on the city and category that you placed each ad to make sure that they did indeed
    appear online.
    Below are the list of cities where you can place your ads. Remember to please place
    your first 10 ads within the next 48 hours and also remember to submit your ads for
    verification at
    . Please make sure that the website link is highlighted and working properly on each
    of the ads. Also please remember to put random letters at the bottom of the page
    or you may get a ‘similar ad’ warning.
    Remember, after you have posted these ads in major cities in your local area, you
    can continue placing them in other major metro cities on the list below. Please remember
    to not over-post.
    You will become eligible to receive your first payment from us on your Rush card
    when you have accumulated $100 in your account. So again, please
    Get a Prepaid Visa RUSHCARD Now
    so you will have it in hand when it is time for us to send your payment. It’s Free
    and easy to apply today and your approval is guaranteed.
    Finally that should be all you need to get started. Please remember to submit your
    ads for verification at
    . If you have any questions, feel free to email us anytime.
    Thank you and good luck!
    Please RANDOMLY choose cities to post your ads from this list of Cities:
    Los Angeles
    San Diego
    New York
    South Florida
    Tampa Bay
    Kansas City
    St Louis
    New Orleans
    Washington DC
    Thanks again for working with us. If you have any questions or comments, feel free
    to contact us.
    The Ad Placers Network

    Forward email
    This email was sent to by
    Update Profile/Email Address
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    ™ |
    Privacy Policy
    The Ad Placers Network | 3700 S Sepulveda Blvd | Los Angeles | CA | 90034

  19. I actually was paid by them before all this mess happened. I don’t know what’s going on with them but at the end of march i was paid $1,023 for posting 2046 ads for them but now i have posted 3927 ads for them and they are telling me that i am their top performer and we can only pay you $100. I want my $1963.5. They have been pushing back the dates for almost 5 weeks.. I’m not posting any more ads until i get my money or a contact number for them. I told them if i don’t get either my money or a contact number with in 24hrs i’m taking legal action… Who the hell runs a business not having the fund to pay their employees lol you need to close shop then….

    1. Would like to know how you posted that many ads without getting accounts put on hold? Did you use Clad Genius or just cut and paste? I over posted and had to make a diff. account. Any tips would sure be appreciated.

      1. I was just posting about ten to 15 ads each hour between 3 accounts in different cities. That’s all. I wasn’t using software. Those get to complicated. the old fashion way is the best way. I’m trying to find another gig. Do you know of any? But i am about to report them to the fbi internet fraud. They are tripping. No return emails or anything.

  20. Hey everyone, I also got an email from Sharon that payments would be distributed on the 30th so now I’m just waiting to see if that actually happens. In the meantime, what are all of you doing now in terms of making money…in other words, has anyone out there found a good legit WFH opportunity that actually pays out. It doesn’t have to be much. I’m so frustrated and am desperately trying to bring in just a little extra cash a month to help make ends meet. Please let me know.

    1. Lily,

      I have shared all the things I do to make money from home here. You can navigate around my blog and I am postive you will find something that you will make a decent amoutn of extra money from. Also I try to keep my blog updated as much as possible.

      Good luck

  21. I spent 13 days with these guys over 500 ads, at first they were replying to my emails but not anymore, no money deposited in my now Useless RushCard.I did a If you don’t no what that is it give the info about the persons domain registration and who it belongs to. I Found the owner and address in California as a large farm lot, This women has 78 sites, Phone rings bad. But she is hosted by Intuit which I will call WE SHOULD ALL DO THE SAME, GO TO WHOiS.COM. I AM GOING TO COMPLAIN TO INTUIT AND RUSH CARD. Make waves everybody we owe it the others. I am going to also dump thousands of adds into there site. Maybe this will stop them screwing others and wasting their valuable time. I need the money for food. I have not work since Aug of last year

    1. I am sorry this happened to you. I know the feeling of how it feels to be scammed after putting in a lot of time in hopes that your hard work will pay off.

  22. If you do a Whois on the domain you can get the contact name, address and phone for “Sharon” if that is the real info. Either way you can also report to the people they advertise for- just click on the link for their ads and you will find an aff id in the url it takes you to- send that with complaint to the people they are putting the ads up too.

    1. I’ve experienced everything you haev all mentioned. However they’ve been circulating emails since yesterday that they are starting a new pay schedule and that all payments will be made on the 30th of each month. Well the 30th is Memorial Day. If we don’t get paid by the 31st I’d start telling the providers about these people. They’d obviously be scammers by that time! They owe me $330+!!

      1. Hmm. That sounds like a scam the last time I heard of someone changing the payment date I still havent gotten paid. Thanks for sharing what you have found out. However, I havent received an email from them. The best way to get these people out of business is to put it all over the internet that they are a scam. This will help others avoid from being scammed.

  23. Do you think they should be reported to Homestead (the web builder that they used to build their site)? That’s the only thing I can think of right now.It’s frustrating.

    1. It depends on Homesteads policies and practices. You may find yourself reading a lot of details only to find out they don’t care. The most effective way to strike them is to swamp the web with the horror stories in the aftermath!

  24. I never join any program that doesn’t have a forum or blog to join to talk to others who belong to the program. I especially avoid any program doing anything dubious at all. If they do one thing that isn’t completely professional they are likely to do other stuff. Ad Placers will go away, I’m sure, in the not to distant future. Sorry you guys! (SAD)

  25. The problem I have with Varolo is the way it advertises online. It swamps places like Craigslist with the offer of a “job”. It is not a job. It is a work at home opportunity. Misrepresentation is my first tip off that it has some unsavory ways of operating. Also, when researching the validity of other sites I frequently find “reviews” that that site is a scam and you really should try Varolo. This is another tip that it’s operations is probably something I should avoid. From experience I have found these situations are first indicators of something amiss.

    1. You have offered a lot of valid points. I have never heard of this site until someone suggested it through their comments. However, being that I am on other networks and have never heard it mentioned it kind of tells me to stay away. Now after your comment I think it is something that I do not want to try out.

  26. I’m a born skeptic. I am suspicious of any site I haven’t seen or heard of before. I do a lot of research, or a background check on anything I can’t meet in person. This is I wrote in my website:
    I was looking under “gigs” in craigslist. I must say I have had some luck finding some short lived “gigs” doing this. Today I ran into a “gig” that I emailed out of curiosity. I was answered quickly with a web site to go to. The first thing that tipped me off is all the site wanted was my phone number. Have you ever gotten an immediate phone call offering to sell you on continuing education or travel? So I went to the google search page and entered, “is ad placers network a scam”. I got 11 pages of stuff that was in there due to the creators of the web site. This put up another red light! So I went into google again with the key words Ad placers network review scam”. TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There they were! Cha Cha,, you name it, all were saying it’s a scam, the company doesn’t exist, etc. New enemies, new hunting techniques obviously necessary. Hope this helps you all! Stay safe! Be informed!
    Just enter in your search bar “is ad placers a scam” then “ad placers review”. Do this on any site you want to join. Better safe than sorry.

  27. It is indeed after the 20th and I have not received pay. I’m guessing because it is the weekend maybe there will be pay Monday I hope. I reached my 200 ads after 5:00 so maybe nothing will happen till monday. I hope. This site was a very well put scam if not! I will be reporting as well if no pay by wednesday. I was kinda counting on this but its all blowed up without the money! IF YOU WANT A REAL WAY TO MAKE MONEY CHECK OUT THIS LINK: THIS IS NOT A SCAM. Is primarily based on personal productivity and it does work and you WILL GET PAID and I WILL HELP YOU!

    1. I posted my 200 ads also, and was told my money would be transferred to the Rush Card on 5/20, still nothing there yet. I’m afraid we have been duped, do we have any recourse?

  28. I had tried this out- also got the notifications of pay being delayed- today was the 20th and no pay as of yet on this end. I figured that since they are affiliate for the RushCard you have to get to be paid- and they are only paid commission if the card holder deposits money onto it that they may be planning to pay at least once lol. But today no pay yet so still waiting to find out. I did a whois on the site domain trying to get info on who its registered to- appears the “register” of the site is an individual trying to set up and earn money from affiliate earnings.

      1. Really hoping something comes through and she decides to pay. It’s a shame, this was something I saw and decided to do on the side to help get some funds together for my daughters birthday party. I’ll be reporting them to the affiliate programs they advertise for if payment does not get sent.

  29. Just wondering…I just started and have almost reached my $100 payment. Have you ever been paid from this company or have you always been put off while waiting for payment? There is no telephone # to get in touch with them, either. I thought that was odd.

    1. I have known people to get paid thats why I joined. However, with all that is going on now with them I am not reccommending anyone to do any work for them until someone states that they have gotten paid. They are promising payments on the 20th. I am going to see what happens then and I will update the blog and let others know.

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