Bank Of America

This bank is a major scam. I got suckered in by them and I have lost a couple of hundred dollars since February. Today I made the decision to switch to Wachovia in hopes of having better luck.

I wish I would have searched the internet first before joining with them and I would have saved myself a lot of money. First, all their reps are always clueless about anything. Then if you go the online baking route you will find over time transactions are being made without your permission. When you go and ask them about it all they can tell you is they have no answer for this.

I had an online savings and checking account with them. Suspicious activity started taking place in my checking account so the rep told me to close it. However, the only way I could close the account was to pay the negative balance. I did this cost me over $300 dollars, but I didn’t want it to effect my credit so I did it. Now later down the line someone has opened my account back up and has it in the negative about $600 and they are telling me I need to pay this money. I refused and they now have pulled all of the money out of my saving. So, I am really pissed about this. I go to the bank the rep who closed the account and opened the new account basically is clueless, well he acts this way, and tells me there is nothing that can be done.

After reading all the rip off reports about this bank and going through this experience myself I would recommend no one to become a member of this bank. Also I started a thread about this on and not to many wahm’s had good things to say about this bank as well. So I just caution everyone. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK!!!


One thought on “Bank Of America

  1. I’m sorry you dealt with this, but you should have filed a police report because you were the victim of a crime. You also should have gone higher up the chain of command if you aren’t getting the service you need. My husband had the SAME exact situation happen to him. He even had the FBI pay him a visit at his home thinking that he was the criminal who stiffed the bank. However, he had his police report as evidence that he was the victim of a crime (including photocopies of ID cards in his name with some other dude’s face).

    Then the FBI knew it wasn’t him and they offered him tips on where to proceed from there. Even after that visit, the bank (Wachovia) still wouldn’t get the issue straightened out. We literally had to wait until we moved to another state and then those reps at the local branch office helped him. He had been dealing with this crime for 10 YEARS. It doesn’t leave until YOU straighten it out. He was unable to have a checking account for 10 YEARS. He was unable to cash his income tax return for 10 YEARS because of this crap.

    It isn’t just Bank of America that drops the ball on ID theft victims. My MIL had problems with PNC in New Jersey fighting them for fraudulent charges. The grass isn’t always greener….

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