Summary of May

This month I have been paid $388. I think I have done a little bit more than that because some payments are still processing. However, I did not reach my goal due to taking days off and not meeting my requirement of $50 a day. During the month of June I am going to make sure I meet $50 a day even if it means turning back to content mills, which I hardly used this month.

I have a little more than a month before the baby comes (July 27) so June I will really have to give it my all to see if writing can make a full-time income for me. I have only been working from home since March and I say things are going okay yet I want to see more productive results.

Feel free to comment and share with other how the month of May went for you. I will be adding my breakdown of May tonight or tomorrow morning. This will enable you to see how I made most of my money this month.


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