May’s Breakdown

In May I did $437.69 worth of work and I actually received $388. I don’t think that is too bad. I took 7 days off throughout the month. I didn’t reach my goal of 1,000 and I also made less than what was made last month. However, I have given myself 6 months to make this work at home thing work. This is only month 2 so I will see how things go in June. Here is my breakdown of how I managed to make the money i did receive this month:

My Survey – $10.00

Odesk- $211

Yahoo contributors $2.00

Private clients $140

Mturk- $25

I didn’t use any content mills so maybe that has something to do with my decrease as well. It seems odesk and private clients provided me with most of my income this month while london brokers, textbroker and private clients helped me make it through last month. So, I know one thing for sure I will continue with the private clients and I will also try some new avenues as well.


Lets see how the month of June goes!


10 thoughts on “May’s Breakdown

    1. I just put an ad up in the writing services section and people respond. I have found one of my most steady clients there. He pays me 5 cents a word and he tips on top of that. Usually, it will be college students who respond. However, when dealing with someone from craigslist I always make them pay half up front before they get the work to insure that I will not be scammed. Depending on which city you post in you may get a lot of responses while in some cities you may get few to no responses.

      1. Ah-ha, that is what I was worried about was the pay.
        Which pay service do you tend to go through to ensure you have payment?
        What if the person pays you upfront but then doesn’t for the rest of the job?

        I will def. have to try this out and honestly was not even thinking about such a thing!
        Please if you could rely any information, totally do so! You can only learn from someone who has been there!

      2. I usually have them pay me via paypal or via green dot. Honestly, it is possible for them to pay up front then not pay the rest. If it happens I would not really be to mad because at least something was paid. However, I havent ran into anyone who paid half up front an didnt pay the rest. If someone from craigslist doesnt want to pay the half up front then I dont help them.

        When starting out you may run into some scams. I have run into some that I have listed in my scammers section. However, you cannot give up because there are plenty of legit work at home oppurtunities out there.

    1. I would not suggest yahoo conributers as a source for full time income. However, I do work with them from time to time. As you can see in the breakdown I only made $2.00 they pay by how many page views you get or sometimes they will purchase articles from you. I consider it as something that provides just some extra pocket change.

    1. The sites that I used are listed above. Most of it required just writing some papers. I acheived finding private clients by advertising my writing services on craigslist. Also I did this by taking on other writers overflow work. If you look at older posts in my blog you will see some information about all of the avenues that I have actually tried and made money off of.

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