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I am going to try something new. I am opening up my blog to guest bloggers if you are interested in sharing your experiences here let me know. I get a decent amount of traffic through here daily so if you have something that you want people to read feel free to contact me and I will let you know whether I will feature it or not. If you do get accepted to enter a guest blog it will need to be a minimum of 200 words and be related to something about working from home or how to save money. I will accept one link in the posts directing to another site, however, no sites that are scams will be approved nor sites that require you to pay money to get started. Also you must share your personal experience about using the sites. You will be allowed an additional link in your byline telling about yourself and allowing people to follow a link to your site.


12 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers

  1. Hi, I came across your blog I think through and have enjoyed reading about your good experiences in writing. I am just now sticking my toe into freelance writing to get a feel of it.

    I wanted to see if I could be a guest blogger. I do have experience in working from home myself for a few years now and would like others to know how I go about earning income.

  2. I’ve gotten my first two villagers on Varolo. Now Im gonna send them info on how to recruit their own villagers. It seems Facebook is the best way. Im going to make a youtube video, so not sure how effective that will be.


  3. I actually have a cash crate account but I didn’t try it long. Im gonna revisit that. Plus I need to find other places that offer free websites, which shouldn’t be hard.


  4. Fun,

    I just started so I haven’t made anything yet. I have to get people recruited and then they have to watch ads, then Ill start seeing earnings. This job is dependant on others to watch ads and be active, so that’s why Im spreading the word and hoping there will be an interest. Im trying to make a website through google and get adsense put on it, but they’re being stupid and said my webpage was suspended? Im like wtf already! Anyway I have facebook and put a link on there, but I need to try and make a fan page. It’s pretty much new stuff for me, so Im learning. Im going to try to find forums that support Varolo and get recruits from that maybe. So right now it’s about me getting that base built before I can think of getting any money.


    1. How long do you think that will take? The reason why I ask is because alot of people think this avenue is a scam or a time waster. It would seem to me that the only people who would be able to make a decent income would be the ones who have been around since the very beginning. They are the ones who have the nice paychecks to help promote themselves and also their villiages will have grown since they have been around so long.

      1. Well I would say it takes quite some time. I don’t think this is some overnight making money scheme like Adplacers. What you say we can assume to be true. That is the more connections you have and the longer you’ve been doing it the more success. But like any job that involves recruiting, the more fingers and probes you get out there the higher your chances. Im considering making up business cards to distribute. I mean lets face it, we’ve all seen the “too good to be true” scams where they promise big money fast, but valoro hasn’t ever lead anyone on like this. In fact when it comes to advertising about the recruiting the do NOT condone spamming on craigslist like Adplacers did. So I do think it’s legit, but it will likely take a long time to build that base.


      2. It seems like this website is legit it just takes a long time to see profits from it. However, with the rep that this company has it seems like while you are investing so much time and maybe even money you could have been profiting from other different avenues. Also from whenever something said bad about this company they were quick to respond. Some people have even reported being members of the site and them approaching them about their response on the site.However, Cash Crate seems to be a site that is easier for people to make money off of since their name is not so badly slung.

  5. Okay, I guess I’ll be first. Im pretty much resigning to the fact that Adplacersnetwork will never pay, and I just lost another craigs account for posting too much, so Im done with that. Now Im going to try a new venture with If anyone’s watched the videos then you know this is pretty much a pyramid scheme, but it’s free. If we can all make a village large enough and just start sharing each others links then it shouldn’t be hard for everyone to have a decent sized village. If there’s a way to do it Im going to make my own blog encouraging people to post their own varolo links. If anyone’s got some criticisms good or bad Ill take all. I just want a mobile and convenient way to make honest money.

    Okay Thanks,


    1. Mike,

      From what I have heard about varolo a lot of people are saying that it is a scam. Have you found any places where people say positive things about it?

      1. Well if you google it you’ll see that its not a scam. What it is though is a job to recruit people to watch ads and that’s how you generate the income. You get paid a commission based on how many people you sponsored. You also get a commission earning on their friends and friends friends and so on. Once they are viewing ads then you watch ads yourself to get your earnings. The most ads you have to watch in a week is 140 ads which are 30 seconds a piece. So basically its more of a recruiting job. If you have a website or facebook, twitter account or youtube it’s pretty easy to recruit. You only will need a dozen or so personal recruits and if they recruit it can go viral which means more money for you. They pay weekly through paypal. Now once you get close to the $600 mark they will have you fill out tax paperwork for earnings. So this IS a legit job. Once you have your village built, which is the recruit base, then watching a couple hours worth of ads is a cake walk. There is also a bonus. They have weekly jackpot drawings. Every ad you view gives you entries for the weekly drawing. Once you have viewed all the ads you need for your earnings that week you can view more ads and it doubles the amount of jackpot entries. I would at least encourage you to look at the tour using my link above and see if this is something you’d be interested in. There’s never a cost in money to do this work, so it’s just your time invested. I hope this helps Fun. Also I’m posting your blog here on a webpage that I’m developing and I’ve also put the Digital Point on there as well. Im going to sign up for Google Adsense soon as well, so if you want we can share affliates if you want!

        Thank you!


      2. Well I guess it wouldnt be a scam because it isnt offering you a set amount of money or asking you to pay anything. Basically, from what I have researched they notify you that it is a chance that you will not make any money. So for it to be a scam it would have to be like the adplacersnetwork and tell you that you are going to get paid a specific amount and they never pay you.

        How much money have you made working with them so far?

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