Leroy Flowers

I just want to alert you guys, if you come across a client that goes by the name Leroy Flowers he is a scam. I ran across him on freelanced.com his email is cashrules29@gmail.com. He has multiple posting up there right now such as academic article writer and writing assistant.

I was hired by Leroy on May 31st to be an hourly assistant at the rate of $3.00 hr. It was good in the beginning, I was writing about 300 words an hour which was fair. However, on June 4th, Leroy wanted me to write 1000 words for $3.00 hr . I informed him in advance, before it was time for me to work, that I would no longer be able to do this job because it was asking for too much work and research for a small portion of money.

When I started working Leroy informed me to invoice him on Sundays and I would be paid on Fridays. I agreed because when searching his email I saw he had posted on other sites and no one had reported him as being a scam. So on Sunday, I sent Leroy my invoice for the 13 hours that I worked, then on Monday he canceled the invoice.

I instant messaged him directly after this took place asking him whether or not I would be paid. I sent two messages with no response. So, I sent him a final message informing him that since he did not pay for the articles I would be using them elsewhere. Also, I informed him that if I found the articles online I would be reporting them as stolen to the owners. Good thing I never delete work from my computer until it is paid for right?

Well that message caught his eye I’m guessing. He responds to say that he is driving and will respond when he gets home. Yet he was able to cancel the invoice while driving so I’m sure he could have responded before then.

Luckily, I only did $39.00 worth of work, so it is not a big loss. I just wanted to warn others who may consider wasting their time doing business with this man.



22 thoughts on “Leroy Flowers

  1. Hi, Good day!

    I am one of His Writers before. He is the one who first trained me in my writing career. Though I have a passion in writing since I was young, but I still hadn’t known the in and out of writing articles virtually that stand out among other articles. Then Leroy Tywon Flowers hired me eventually without any long overdue in waiting my application. I did not expect to be hired by him and start working on the same day after a chat interview on Skype. He was my first employer as an online writer. I was very thankful that though I haven’t had a long experience in writing articles for I only wrote articles for myself, yet He still gave me a chance to explore the world of a writing career. In short, he was my training ground as a Writer. I now knew everything about writing any niches of articles for He taught me, and mold to be a successful writer now. Though I got a small amount of pay, but it was fine with me since I thought that teaching me to be the most competent writer is already a BIG pay for me. He patiently taught me, even during those times when I was struggling to recover my files that was being corrupted on my PC yet I haven’t, He still gave me a chance and let me write it all over again. I accept that it was my fault in losing those files that are ready for submission hence I haven’t saved it on the cloud . I was thinking that time, maybe if He’s like other cruel boss out there He had already kicked me out but He hasn’t.

    When I posted a comment above months ago, I was just worried that He won’t pay me with my remaining funds after reading the other comments. But, He has sent me my full payment a month ago. So I concluded that He is not actually a scammer. Though He paid me late, but He always pays. I am very much thankful to him for molding me as an experienced writer now. His goodness will never be forgotten.

    Thank you and more power!

  2. Hi Victoria,

    I understand your position on why you felt like you were scammed, but how we’re you scammed when you still own the rights to the articles you wrote for me and I have never used them. In the content writing industry when articles are rejected we all know that you are not paid for that content. When you are not paid for content you still own the rights to that content.

    Everyone in this comment section has been paid by me. I have email proof and Paypal proof. How can I be a scammer when I pay my workers? I never hide who I am. All my workers know my name – I have absolutely nothing to hide.

    Some workers do not do their part and become angry. Employer and employee and/or freelancer that was hired must both keep our end of the bargain. Things can not be viewed one-sided.

    It is never my intention to scam anyone. I apologize to anyone who has felt like I have scammed them. If you feel like you are still owed something from me I can be reached at leroytywonflowers@gmail.com for further discussion.

    1. Leroy,

      Thanks for stopping by. You prey on freelance writers who are just starting out and have them work for very low rates and don’t pay. Yes, you are indeed a scam artist. You claim my work was unusable, but kept having me churn out more content. It was never a problem until payday came. I am glad that I met you when first starting out because it showed me just how cruel the freelance writing world could be. My experience with you is one of the stepping-stones in my career.

      I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

  3. He’s still at it and is now a regular poster in CL!!! This guy has the gall to demand for more work to be submitted even after I told him that I know what he’s up to.

    1. I am sorry to hear that. I do hope that you are paid from him one day. He has gotten over on more than a handful of writers and in return he calls us the scammers.

  4. Hi, I also one of you who got fooled with this man. I started to worked for him as VA on February 2015, at first 2 months I got paid well. But the following month He kept on changing my pay day. Sending me a partial payment $50 from the bulk amount of $300 plus. and just recently he sent $100 for almost 2 months of work. But lucky for me I did quit working for him after He always makes excuses on paying me. Now what bothers me if He would pay me on the remaining amount. Thank you Victoria for this post.

  5. Hi Victoria,

    In fact you should check out his blog wherein he has posted blogs about both of us. Interesting. At least he should have the sense to realize that it is not impressive to work for clients like him who is not transparent in approach and deviate from the topic when asked for payment. I am amused to hear such a feedback on me for the first time, especially when I have had tens of satisfied clients. I was reluctant to write for him after I read your reviews. I was wondering whether I am wasting my time. And I was true!

    Anyway, I learnt my lesson. Hope the other writers working for him will learn as well.

    1. Biji,

      I just saw his newly started blog. Honestly, I am not worried. I have published thousands of articles throughout the web and I have a lot of regular clients. He is just making a fool of himself to be honest. I worked for him when I was first starting out in 2011 and my posts proves that. Why would you call me a fraud freelancer in 2014? Three years have passed, so he is the manipulator trying to make people think I have recently worked for him which I have not. He is just mad because I outed him for non payment and my post ranks #3 when someone Google’s his name. It probably is affecting his “flower business”, which already has a 2.5 rating. I have high rankings across all of the sites that I write for and my work speaks for itself.

  6. Hi, sadly I am a new writer for this fellow, and he cheated me for 42 articles I submitted. When asked, I was told that I will be paid after 30 days. The initial agreement that I will be paid after 15 days. He gives all possible explanations to stop paying you. He is indeed a cheat.

    1. Biji,

      I am so sorry that this happened to you. I try to keep my site updated with scammers as I come across them. Leroy scammed me when I was first starting out. Now to lower my chances of being scammed I research clients before I start working for them to insure that they are legit and no one has reported them as being a fraud.

      1. Hi Victoria,

        Yes. Indeed, it was my fault not inquiring about this guy before I started out. Although, I was skeptical about his approach, I thought I would be paid. He was hesitant to reveal his payment terms in the beginning, and kept giving excuses such as “you were late”, “I want you to pick up speed”, etc. I wish this blog remains active so that anyone searching for Tywon Flowers or Leroy Flowers will land up here. I am going to post an advertisement in Craigslist mentioning all that has happened to us, along with links to his job postings.

        Have a good day!

  7. Hi, this is totally TRUE! Beware of Leroy “Tywon” Flowers from Maryland. He hasn’t paid me for 6 months. He keeps on telling me that he’ll pay me but he won’t even send me payments partially. I should’ve received it from Nov of last year but until now there’s no payment made.

    I’ve been requesting money via PayPal and sending him emails on his four email addresses: loyalgroundmarketing@gmail.com, imcashsystem@gmail.com, tywonmarketing@gmail.com and cashrules29@gmail.com. He blocked me on Skype already.

    I am also communicating via his websites (most are suspended already): http://loyalgroundmarketing.com/, http://imcashsytem.com/, http://marketingwithtywon.com/ and http://www.pinterest.com/tywonmarketing/. I also found his personal Facebook account but he blocked me.

    Please beware of this guy. We started okay in the first month but later on he just kept us (yes it’s US) waiting for our salaries. I am still friends with my co-writers who were fooled by this man. I also met another writer online who is also a victim of this man.


      1. Considering that he’s still doing this until now makes him a true scam. I don’t usually wish bad luck to people but he will receive something in return of what he has done to all of us. Oh well, at least we are true with our work. Thank you for this blog entry, Victoria.

      2. Hi Victoria,

        How are you doing? This is what I received from Leroy after telling him about your blog:

        “Yes she worked for me and her work was rejected. I do not pay for rejected work. She felt like she got scammed because of that.

        There are two sides to every story and I still got the emails from 2011 to prove I didn’t scam her.”

        And after almost 8 months, he just sent me my money. He may not be a scam but he pays late. I believe he knows that he had issues before on how to sort things out and he’s trying to get back and undo his mistakes before. But he said he always pay approved works.


        Thanks and have a great day!

      3. Koreen,

        I am glad that you were paid. However, he is still a scammer in my book. If the work were rejected, why would he have me continuously write and promise payment? When work is rejected, clients do not ask you to continue providing them work. They let you know from the very first article that they your writing style is not a match for them.

        I happy that he does pay you but 8 months for payment for the work that he needs and the price he pays is not ideal at all.

        Since my encounter with Leroy Flowers, I have moved on to people who pay more than him, much faster than eight months, and do not have a shady business model. I really wish you the best with your business with Leroy Flowers.

        This section of my blog is to help others try to avoid shady people like Leroy Flowers. Not everyone may experience the same experience that I did but it is possible that they will. I have hundreds of articles published throughout the web and I will continue to write. Leroy Flowers will get what he deserves if he has not already for the people he has scammed.

  8. Hi! I’m shocked and disappointed to hear this because I’m currently working for this guy. I also found him on freelanced.com. I just started yesterday with 6/hr. What should I do now?

    1. It is up to you. Here I share my experiences that I have had with people. He did not pay be but there is a possibility he may pay you. I cant really tell people what to do you just have to go with your gut feeling. If you do decide to work with him still I hope he pays you. Good luck.

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