CloudCrowd Update

As you may see when I first started writing I said good things about CloudCrowd however I just wanted to add and update about them. Yesterday I decided to do some work for them to make some fast money. My credibility score went up drastically. Then today I did their “Check a profile for completeness”. At first it said the items were approved then they changed it to rejected.In a few minutes I received an email saying my account was on probation and a few seconds later another email saying my account was suspended and I would not be paid for any of the work done.

I just wanted to update you guys of this because when I first started out I did not have this problem yet after what I have just experienced today I am not so sure that this is a good site to be using anymore. Also after checking on some discussion boards I have seen that some people have reported that this company has paid them and then stated they owe them money because they overpaid them. Not sure whats going on but just letting you know what I have experienced so you can be alert.


3 thoughts on “CloudCrowd Update

  1. I joined CloudCrowd when they first started on FB, rating things, etc. Work was hard to get and I only did 5 evals or so, 2 of which they didn’t agree with. So my credibility tanked and I couldn’t recover it due to lack of work and then they deactivated me. *shrug*

  2. Sounds like another loser company like Ad Placers. I emailed them my balance and said pay by the 30th or Ill continue taking legal action. Im going to get in touch with the Riverside court system and get the small claim docs. They owe me roughly $430.

    1. I know they have definetly pissed me off today. Today was not a good day for me all around in general. Then they just added to the fire. However, from what I am told they have hired some new staff so alot of mistakes have been going around lately. But, after this I dont even want to work for this company anymore.

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