Halfway through June

Well its half way through the month which means I should have made $800 by midnight tonight based on my goal of $50 a day. However, this week started off a little rough for me so currently I am about $316 dollars behind and I am working very hard to catch up. However, I can definitely see the difference between this month and last months income. So far I have taken 3 days off but I can still see the improvement. I am hoping that by the end of the month everything will have balanced itself out and I will have met the final goal of $1500. Wish me luck and be on the lookout to see how I earned the amount that I did this month. There may be some new things or there may just be the same old sites.


7 thoughts on “Halfway through June

  1. I have one personal website that I sell a product, but it’s still in the works and I haven’t made many sells. I am also with two websites that brings in residual income, although I haven’t made anything on those yet. One I’ve been with a few months, another I’ve just joined recently.

    A forum could be a good way to make some residual money like through Adsense or you can have to where people buy ad space for a certain amount and time frame it would be listed on the forum. Although with new forums, it will take some time to get out there to people unless you have great word of mouth, a good amount of participation and topics that people want to chat about and such which would possibly help bring in the income.

    This is just what I’m thinking, but I’m sure you’ll research more into it though.

  2. Hmmm, I was hoping to find something stable online, but I guess it’s pretty much whatever you can find. I’ve been trying the varolo thing, but haven’t had much luck. I guess I’m gonna have to try something different, because I work full time, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get this going. Thanks for replying Victoria…I was confused about who’s blog this actually was, but now I know.


    1. It takes time trust me. I first started searching for jobs online three years ago and just recently in March I came across wahm.com which lead me in the right direction and inspired me to start my own blog to help others. I cant pay all my bills as of right now by just working at home but I have given myself 6 months to see if it is something that I can do or not. The hardest part is getting your foot in the door but once you do things just keep getting better and better.

  3. Nicoyle,

    How many different jobs do you work and what are they and how many hours do you put in a day for these kinds of results? I’m still wanting to find legitimate online work, but it seems like an awful lot of time invested for little return. I need someone to help me get pointed in the right direction. Adplacers owes me $420 by the 30th…SNORT…as if.


    1. I’m Victoria, the blogs owner, Nicoyle was a guest blogger. But, I work basically a mixture of all the places I have listed on my blog. However, this month I have just been working with private clients, odesk, mturk and mysurvey. Each day I work different hours I atleast try to reach a goal of $50 every day though. Most of my income this month has actually come from private clients I have obtained from the digital point and craigslist. Dont get discouraged about working from home I started in March and this seems like it will be my best month yet.

    2. Michael, I have ventured out in many different types of online work. I had some good months where I made around $500-$700. I rarely try to figure how many hours I work each day as I just set out how much I want to make for the month and just break it down in daily goals. As of now I am working Mturk, I do work for a writing client, transcribe with Quicktate and try to do ChaCha every so often. Since Livework had recently closed and ChaCha hasn’t been getting a lot of traffic to get a good amount of income without working longer hours on it, the first three are my main focus and getting into other freelance writing venues as I look and apply for other online work.

      I’m sorry to hear that Adplacers owes you and I hope that you are able to get your money. Whether you are looking for work at a brick and mortar place or an at home job, you will always run into some hiccups. I agree with Victoria that you should get too discouraged. I’ve worked from home for a little over six years now and still get into snags.

      1. Very well put Nicoyle. Have you every made money off of a website or anything? I am thinking of starting a forum do you think that would be a good way to make money?

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