Writers Access

Writer Access is a great site to work for. However, they only pay once a month. I have been accepted to write for them for a while however I am just starting to use them this month. They pay by paypal and their rates are good. The only downfall to this site is that it is very hard to get assignments. Since I have been working for them I have only managed to snag three. They have assignments but they just get filled so quickly. To meet payout you only have to make $10 which isn’t to bad. It seems that the more you go up in your level the more you are paid. Right now I am a level 2 but the pay is decent, unlike some other sites. Also they have a section called “casting calls”, where you can possibly get work that way as well. Recently, they have added in another section where you are paid to give clients ideas. However, I haven’t come across any jobs in that section yet. Then, of course, if you are on someone’s love list you have the chance of gaining lot’s of regular work.

4 thoughts on “Writers Access

  1. Hi, I’m Jamie, the Director of Outreach for Scripted.com which is a marketplace for business to hire freelance writers. Just went through your blog and saw that you mentioned about writeraccess. We just recently launched and have a similar offering and would appreciate your thoughts!

  2. It looks like this site wants you to talk about your writing experience when you join up.
    I was wondering, what did you put down?
    I have some experience with Textbroker and AMS but that’s about it, I’m afraid I don’t have allot to put down and they won’t want to use me.

    1. When I first joined I was only working for a couple of content mills as well. However, I did get approved for them. One heads up about this site though until your level moves up there will not be a ton of work available. I have been signed with them for a while and I just met the payout in July. Also, when you get the email saying work is available it is a good idea to go ASAP. Their assignments leave super, super quick.

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