Wonderful Month Of June

I have been working from home since March of this year. However, this month has turned out to be wonderful so far. As of right now I have been paid $800 so I am real close to my goal of $1500 for this month. Things are looking real good. All of this money has been made from simply doing writing and taking surveys. Who would have ever thought? For anyone who has thought of working from home I definitely suggest trying it. Once you get your foot in the door you will have no problems at all. Writing is something that people are always going to need done so you never have to worry about being jobless. If you just put in some time and effort and remain determined things will work out. I am living proof.

Feel free to share your success stories if you like and also stay tuned for my earnings updates at the end of the month. I will share how I was able to obtain this amount of income so maybe something will work out for you as well.


10 thoughts on “Wonderful Month Of June

  1. Thanks for the info. I checked out the MySurvey website and unfortunately they are no longer taking registrations and are closed to new members. So disappointing. I was really looking forward to doing this type of work.

    1. I can just suggest checking back in a couple of weeks. I know I have been getting about 3 surveys a day from them. At the end of the month you will be able to see how my earnings have jumped this month by working with them. They are an excellent site to use. I am testing out another survey site which may be listed soon if they prove to be legit. So far I have not reached the minimum payout limit yet I can tell it takes them a while to credit the account for what you have done. This is why I have not listed them yet so incase they turn out to be a scam. But, stay tuned next month and they may be added to the list.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us about your monthly objectives. It helps me to know that working from home is possible. I come across too many scams too often so I am very cautious nowadays. Okay so you mention that you made some of your June income by doing surveys….may I ask which ones, which websites? I’m curious. I’ve never come across one survey link/website to be legit and I came to the conclusion that they are simply not legit, but now you have me curious. If the survey site is bringing you money then perhaps it could work for me as well. I don’t need to make much and I really need to make some kind of income (even if it’s small amount) fast. Thanks for your time.

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