June’s Breakdown

My goal for June was to make between $1,000- $1,500. I was able to exceed my maximum goal by over $100. This is great news for me because I gave myself 6 months to achieve this yet I was able to pull it off 3 months. I am hoping by the time the 6 month period comes, since I have been working from home, I will be able to make about $2,000- $3000 a month. Here is my breakdown from the month:

Private Clients (my main source of income for the month): $1,396

Odesk: $162

Mturk: $49

MySurvey: $30

The Content Authority: $41

Just by using those 3 avenues as a source of income for the month I was able to accumulate $1,678. Also, this month I only took 2 days off. As, you can see private clients were my main source of income so I was constantly working for them and not content mills. Looks, like it paid off. Now time to see what July will hold.

As always, feel free to share you work at home income for the month.


6 thoughts on “June’s Breakdown

  1. That is so amazing and inspirational! I hope to make at least $1000 a month and any extra would be awesome! I will definitely be following your ways to earn a good income!

  2. I think you’ve done incredibly well! Really hope you reach your $2-3k monthly target within 6 months. The way you’re going, you might reach it before then.

    How do you see yourself reaching it, though? By writing more, or charging more? Or a combination of both?

    Take care…

    1. Thanks! I am so excited. First, I plan to write more, instead of $50 a day I have bumped it to $100 a day. Second, I am going to be applying for the higher paying gigs this month since things have been getting better and my writing has been getting stronger. Just have to wait and see how it goes this month basically. I know sometimes this month I will have to take about a week off due to the baby coming but hopefully before that happens I will have a good head start towards my goals.

      1. Sounds like a plan. Good luck with it. If you increase your rate, then in time there’s a likelier chance that you can work less while earning more.

        I upped my rate a month or two ago – some didn’t get back to me or replied saying it wasn’t within their budget. Others were OK with it. All this was through Digital Point forums which I believe you have experience using.

        Anyway, all the best this month. 🙂

        Take care…

  3. What private clients are profitable? What makes the big bucks for them? Web development, design? It’s obvious that none of the free lance sites will be worth the trouble, so what is worth investing the time in when it comes to private clients? I can teach myself anything if it’s a worthy investment.

    1. I find my private clients through forums, such as digital forum, and also by posting ads on craigslist in the writing section. With me I do writing work dont know how to do web design but I have seen people offering big bucks for that on odesk. What I do when I am getting new private clients is I give them my rates either they accept them or they dont. However, when first starting out you should get half the money up front to make sure that they do not scam you.

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