Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is an excellent site to work for. I have been signed with them for quite a while yet just recently last week I decided to start writing for them. They pay promptly once a week and it does not take very long at all to write articles for them. Usually, work is always available when it comes to the $4.00 how to articles. My first payout with them I made $28.00 and I havent received any rejections or revision requests as of yet.This definetly looks like a promising opportunity and I will definitely be investing more time into this site this month. However, when you first start off you are only able to claim 2 articles at a time so that can make it a little hard to make income in the beginning. But, from my experience so far usually every time I turn an article in there is more work available. Also, unlike some other writing sites these editors make sure they review your work promptly.


11 thoughts on “Merchant Circle

      1. thanks for the link but how do your get articles? The only ones available were marked for “expert” I’m only a, “1” does that mean I’m restricted?

  1. Link? I started writing articles for I think it is. It’s on that Entrepreneur Cure site.

  2. I’ve been with Merchant Circle for a while and was making extra income when they had a section you would find pictures for certain towns before they dropped that. I am thinking about doing some writing for them and see how it goes.

    1. I have just started but they look very rewarding. The $4.00 articles are very easy to do. They also edit fast. I turned into 2 articles this morning and when I went to check they have already been approved. Also, my level has already been moved up to a level 2 so that means I can claim 5 articles now 🙂

      1. You have to do articles. It took me a week to get moved up to level 2. Im guessing the more work you produce the higher they move your level.

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