Beginning of July

July is off to an okay start so far. I finally feel that I have established myself as a writer and I have acquired a lot of private clients. However, I still use the content mills from time to time as well. Besides, you have to keep all your options open because you never know when something unexpected may come up. I’m not sure if I will meet my monthly goals because I can feel the baby will be coming soon but I will be working until his arrival. I havent had to take any days off this month, so far, so I guess that is a good thing. Also, I have been open to some new avenues. If they turn out to be successful they will be listed soon so you all can give them a try as well. This month seems to be going by extremely fast so I hope everyone is having a very productive month. As always, if anyone has any questions or wants to share something feel free to. Also, I am still accepting guest bloggers as well.


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