Halfway Through The Month Of July

July is off to a wonderful start. It has only been 15 days and I have already managed to make $942.50. I am not where I expected to be at but I have to say that this is pretty amazing. Even though I have not taken any days off this month I have only been able to spend about 2 hours a day writing. Some days less than that. All of these earnings so far have come from private clients, textbroker, london brokers, merchant circle, my survey, odesk, writers access and xoombix. However, as usual most of the income has come in from private clients. By next week I am hoping to have made at least another $600. Wish me luck!


As always feel free to share your success stories or avenues that you are trying out that seem to be working for you.


5 thoughts on “Halfway Through The Month Of July

    1. No you actually have to find them through places such as, Craigslist and discussion forums. If you lucky when you find some they will refer you to others and your private clients will build up like that.

    1. Thanks. I have to say private clients are the key. Once you get about 5 private clients or so that require work on a regular basics you never have to worry about not having no work.

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