Scammer on Digital Point

Hey fellow writers I have run into another scammer. This time he came through digital point. I thought that he would be a good client to do work for because on his itrader he has positive feedback. However, I have done $50 worth of work for him, two weeks ago and he has not paid til this day. I have sent him about 6 emails and he always responds and says remain patient a lot of people are submitting articles so I havent got around to you yet. However, another fellow writer from DP messaged me this morning and said that they had been having problems out of him as well. They have been waiting on payment longer then me. So, now I will alert you guys. Dont get me wrong DP is a great site, I have obtained a lot of regulars from there but not I see I will have to be more cautious on this forum as well because the itrader does not mean someone is a scam.

This scammers DP id is: arsenalfanforlife

His email is:

If you run across this person stay far, far away!


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