July’s Breakdown

July has been another wonderful month now it is time to move on to August and hope to have the same success as in July.This month I am proud to say that I did not take any days off and I am happy for the most part at how well I did. It seems each month just keeps getting better and better.


Private clients: 1486

Textbroker: 46

London Brokers: 33

Merchant Circle: 152

MySurvey: 10

ODesk: 26

Writers Access: 26



I wish everyone good luck in August and also feel free to share your success for the month of July. As always stay motivated because working from home can pay off at the end of the day.


7 thoughts on “July’s Breakdown

  1. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’m so thankful that I stumbled across your blog. You opened me up to a whole new world of work at home jobs. I’m a stay at home mom, but not exactly by choice. I was laid off a year and a half ago, a month before my daughter was due and I haven’t been able to find work since. My husband has been laid off many times and financially, it’s been a real struggle for us. I had been searching for online work, but couldn’t find anything until I found your blog. I registered on oDesk and was hired the very next day! I’ve been working steady for 2 weeks now on one project which pays very well, and I just got hired onto another job today. I’ve been exploring the other sites you suggest and am hoping I can start building a nice little income, all from working at home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I was going to ask the same thing. Do you know if the client on odesk for zoombiz is still looking for writers? I would love to apply and find out if I knew where to go.

    Your income looks impressive. I am working on building mine up to over $1000 a month as well but right now I only work 4 hours a day and some months are full of clients and work and other times I barely have enough to pay the bills(hubby pays the rent thankfully)

    I am glad I found your site link on the wahm forum, I will drop by often for encouragement.

    1. I will send him a message and see. I know he closed his job listing but I’m sure he could use more writers because this is a site that never seems to run out of work and they pay every Friday. I haven’t been investing much time into them due to my regular flow of private clients. But I plan to start making more with them as well.

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