Beginning Of August

August has had a very interesting start for me. My main computer that I use to do my work with wants to start acting up which is a huge dilemma because my backup computer I am not used to the keyboard so it seems to take me forever to get anything done. So, now this month I have to work on getting a new computer (extra bill) so I can complete my work successfully and be able to keep up in school. With all that has been going on with that issue I have managed to not get too much done and it seems the work is piling up again. However, the work piling up is a good thing being that I have to replace a computer but that just means having to stay up later and get up earlier so everything can be completed by the deadlines.

Just a little up date on my end and a mini rant all in one. I hope everyone else is having an awesome start to the month and may we all just see what August holds for us and may everyone reach their monthly goals.

Good luck! An as always feel free to share your success or ask any questions.


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