Just Checking In

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have just been busy with school, the new baby, work and trying to keep my insanity. Everything has been keeping me busy. In the day time I try and take care of errands then in the nighttime I try to work and get schoolwork done. Also, I am still taking the fitter living challenge so I am busy full time. I haven’t tried any new avenues lately I’ve just been hanging on to the old ones. However, I do think I may need to find some new content mills soon because I had started relying on Merchant Circle but it seems lately their review times have been extremely slow and also their payments are always delayed. Don’t get me wrong they do pay on the same day but it keeps getting later and later. This month I have been investing more time into Xoombiz and Text-broker as far as content mills then of course there is still private clients. However, I am trying to keep as many eggs as possible because one never knows when work will get slow or when private clients will delay payment so I always have to make sure something will be coming in. This week right here alone has shown me that because the week started off with one of my regulars being on vacation delaying payment until he comes back and then Merchant Circle is late on payment. I am now prepared for the unexpected so I make sure that all options are open. Especially, since today I had another client delay payment. Something must be going on this week with the clients I can only hope next week gets better. I hope all of you have been having a productive month so far.


5 thoughts on “Just Checking In

  1. I agree that it is always good to have plenty of other venues to keep on the side in case your better ones are not working well for some reason. It’s also good not to be too overwhelmed with everything, but I hope that things work out for you.

  2. what is xoombiz? I can’t find them on the web. Just stuff about Motorola.
    I have the same gripe about MS too, I finished two how-to’s for them yesterday and they still haven’t accepted them. Last week I did two on Friday and head nothing till the following Monday. Too slow!

    1. That is a private company that I ran across through ODesk.
      I also had the same problem. The articles I submitted on Friday didnt hear back until Tuesday. Now the ones I submitted Tuesday still haven’t heard anything about them yet. Some weeks they seem to move fast while others they are super slow.

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