September Breakdown

I did not meet my goal for September but I think I did fairly well. I have started trying some different avenues and also trying to focus on working expanding this blog more. If there is anything you would like discussed on this blog of would like to be a guest poster let me know, as always. Below you can see the avenues that I used this month.

  • Private clients= $1,4551
  • Textbroker= $21
  • Merchant Circle=$48
  • Odesk=$1
  • Interact Media=$41

4 thoughts on “September Breakdown

  1. Private clients really are the best way to make a living online. This is especially true if you can find one that wants regular work. I actually work for a few bloggers – it stops me getting bored as the subjects are all different, but I know I am going to at least be paid for their work every month. Keep at it 🙂 You’re doing a lot better than most people I know already

  2. It looks like most earnings are made privately so there’s no middle man involved. I found another site on writing articles and wanted to see if you knew about them. Bright Hub. Also, Im going to try and get the speech to text working on my laptop and maybe that will make this more efficient.

    1. I have heard of bright hub I made an account but never used them. Yes, most of my earnings do come from private clients because I enjoy the daily pay and the flexibility of choosing what type of work I l want to write. Also, I do suggest the speech to text but you must have a good headset or it can become very frustrating.

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