What’s Current In The Writers World

It seems everywhere you turn writers are finding it hard to maintain. This even goes back to the writers who have been writing for years. Everyone seems to be in a bad situation right now due to the content mills having a decrease in work and some writers are even getting fired from content mills for not doing enough work. Not to mention that when the content mills do have work you have to literally be up there at that very second or the work will be gone by the time you find out about it.

Also, with the economy being the way that it is right now a whole lot of people are turning to working online full time. However, if you do not have lots of options available and a positive outlook at the whole situation you will not be able to survive. But, then there are some who have managed how to survive with their online businesses. However, they do not share their secrets due to fear of losing their current way of making money.

Overall, things are not looking to good right now when it comes to the writers world and many other aspects of the work at home lifestyle. However, I have been one of those ones who has been able to stay afloat. I really do not depend on the content mills, as you can tell by my earnings, so that is not one of my worries.  However, I do share my positive experiences in hopes to help others who are just starting out. Also, at the beginning of the year I will be releasing an Ebook that covers how you can make money online with no start up costs. All the information in the Ebook will be legitimate ways of making money online. The information that will be covered will have never been seen anywhere online, including my blog.

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