If you are someone that has a Twitter account with quite a few followers you may want to consider working with MyLikes. MyLikes is a company that is similar to Sponsored Tweets but they allow you to customize the Tweets more so you can entice your readers to click on it. Also, they pay every Friday as long as your balance is over $2.00. Not to mention the fact that they allow you to click the link once yourself to  ensure that it actually works.

MyLikes may not be a get rick quick scheme but it can help you with a few extra bucks a week for basically doing something easy in your free time. I can verify that they pay. I just received my earnings from the week. Even though I just met the minimum this week I will be putting more time into this project because it is some easy money and does not take that much time at all.

However, I do warn don’t get out of control with this because it may cause you to lose followers. However, if you Tweet about stuff that pertains to your audience that is legit you should have no problems.


3 thoughts on “MyLikes

  1. Just found you on Google. I like this! I am going there right now to look into it. My wife id doing domestic/house-cleaning work to help make ends meet but she might just be interested in doing this instead! Thanks for the tip
    Ivan Kukard
    PS. My email addy etc are for real

    1. I will inform you that MyLikes may not be enough to make ends meet. Should just be used for a little extra money. However, there are other avenues that are listed up here that she may find more beneficial.

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