October 28th Jobs

My goal is to end Friday off really good. So, today you will see the jobs being updated more frequently as I will be searching for jobs throughout the day. Also, a good tip for using odesk is to make sure that you take  the tests. Yesterday, I took the academic writing test and scored in the top 20 and clients have been contacting me instead of me having to look for work. Over the weekend I hope to have time to take more because I think that is the trick to finding the good paying clients on odesk. Well, anyways here are the jobs for today. I wish everyone the best of luck.

  1. 7 250 Word Articles Needed
  2. IPhone 4S Tutorials 700-800 words
  3. Reviews Needed on Tripadvisor 
  4. Forum Poster Needed
  5. Copywriter Needed
  6. Unique Technology Blog Posts
  7. Sales/Coupon Writers Needed $50 (250-750 words
  8. Halloween Article Needed For Sports Blog 500-1000 words
  9. Copy and Paste Job $50
  10. Long Term Sports Writer
  11. Auto and Tech Writer Needed

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