October was a truly wonderful month. I am excited about the month of November. October brought new clients and I hope that these relationships will continue on through November and many months to come. The only thing I worry about in these two months is the work slowing down due to the fact that the holidays are approaching. However, I am hoping for the best since many of my clients are not in the United States. Below you can see how I did in the month of October and as always you can feel free to share your success stories as well. This happens to be my 6th month working from home and I feel it is going superb!!

  • Private Clients: $2,030
  • Merchant Circle: $122
  • ODesk:$10
  • Textbroker: $13
  • Writer Access: $21
  • Interact Media:$9
  • MySurvey:$10
  • MyLikes:$2

4 thoughts on “OctoberBreakdown

  1. What is your main source for obtaining private clients? It looks like you are doing really well in that area. I saw you mentioned having a writing team as well. If I understood that right, will you be taking on any new team members in the near future?

    1. Lately it has been word of mouth. I have not had to advertise at all. When I do advertise however I find I have the most luck with Digital Point. ..Also, yes I do have a writing team. Currently, I am not taking on any full time writers but I could use a part time writer as a back up when one of my normal writers is sick or has an unexpected emergency.

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