Klat is this excellent little blogging gig that I have been working on for approximately a month now. They allow you to write for up to 40 different sites each week and the pay is $5.00 for 250 words. I really enjoy writing here because you can pick the sites that interest you the most and it is a great way to escape the hectic everyday boring writing that we dread doing but have to do to survive this internet world.

I can confirm that they pay. You may have seen them in my monthly breakdown for November. They pay every Tuesday and you invoice them on Sunday to Monday. The owner Josh is real nice and he responds to emails within 24 hours. Also, it does not take long to have the articles approved either – 24 hours max.

Overall, I thought I would share this site with you because I know it’s the holiday season and many people could use the money. If you sign up for 40 sites that an extra $800 a month so it could help out a little bit. I currently, do not write for 40 sites a week due to other clients that I must please. But, hopefully, by the beginning of the year I will be able to.

Good luck everyone!

Also, I forgot to say they do not require you to submit a sample either.


9 thoughts on “Klat

  1. I applied to klat and was told they didn’t need my work at this time? 😦
    Funny, I thought that they were pretty easy to sign up for, but they told me, “thanks but no thanks”.
    Truly sad seems like everyone is applying and getting somewhere with them.

    1. I applied a while back. However, I thought they would be still hiring since I received a message stating 500 new sites went up. I also noticed on some sites no one has written one posts. Then, on one of the sites I work for I am the only one writing there. So, I am not sure maybe they will get rid of the people who do not write weekly first before they start hiring more. I will let you know if I hear something.

  2. Unfortunately, I tried to apply only to realise the site’s for US-based writers. I’d picked all the blogs I wanted to write for too, and stating why, then when I clicked on Apply, I got the message.

    Bummer. (ear droop)

    Would have liked writing there.

    Ah well.

      1. Not to worry.

        I think they should make it clear on their homepage, or on the page where you pick the blogs you wanna write for.


  3. Klat is such a dream job. I’ve been writing there for a couple of months now and think it is one of the best places I’ve worked for. I think the best thing is that Josh doesn’t treat you as though he’s doing you a favor by hiring you, the way many places do. Writing for Klat really feels like a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    1. Megan,

      I also feel this way. I know many places they do act like that and they always act like we need them. Klat to me is a very nice way to escape the rude and obnoxious.

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