A Word Of Advice For New Writers

If  you are someone who is new to the working at home scene make sure that you charge decently for your work but at the same time make sure your quality is good too. When you start out it is okay to work for one cent a word if it is something easy until you can build up your reputation. Do not let other convince you otherwise because why they you not to take the job you can best believe that they are just trying to get it for themselves.

The online working field can be very competitive and everyone is basically at each others throats and will do whatever it takes for them to get paid or land a job. Newcomers can be persuaded into thinking that there are a ton of jobs that will pay $300 an article but the reality is these jobs are rare and usually they require you to have years of experience.

This is something that I am sharing with you from personal experience. I am not trying to say your 500 word article is not worth $300 but the reality of finding someone to pay that amount of money is going to cause you to miss out on that money you may need for bills or whatever it may be.

Overall, just remember some people in the online world will try to help you. But, then there are others who are just trying to stab you in your back. You have to make the decision to be able to figure out who is on your team and who is not.


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