A Site That Might Be Worth Checking Out

A friend sent me a link to a website today that is said to be a great place to land more jobs. I have viewed it myself but I have not registered yet but it seems to be something that has a lot of potential. The name of the site is SideSkills.

SideSkills is a place that place where employers can find employees and also a place where job seekers post their resumes. This service marketplace is free for both employers as well as employees. They even have it set up so the payments are made securely to the employees. So, it appears that you are at no risk of having any of your personal information compromised.

This website offers a wide variety of job types such as full time jobs, freelance jobs, and even part time jobs. Basically, whatever you are looking for you have a chance of finding it here.


7 thoughts on “A Site That Might Be Worth Checking Out

  1. Update information that I received by email from SideSkills:

    We are currently not publicly showing jobs, but in about a week we’ll have an option for users to publicly post positions and gigs so users will be able to apply easily. We’ll notify you with an email as soon as that happens.

    For now, the best way to get hired is to finish your presume (Profiled resume), get your own URL and start using that in emails, facebook, etc. We find that as soon as someone tells the world their skills, the offers will eventually follow.

      1. I signed up, but jobs are not listed or able to be posted on their site. I looked at the FAQs, which is located at the bottom of the site and from what I understand, the user will only be able to get a job to work on through their contacts that they have through their Gmail or Yahoo. A user can only network and receive projects through the contacts through their email.

        So I guess it is a good way to not have unwanted spammy job, although it is very, very limited for those that are looking for work if you may not have anyone in your contacts to do projects for.

      2. No problem. I did send an message through the site’s “Ask Me” tab just to clarify. I also was looking over other users profiles just to get an idea and to see if anyone has been hired for anything, but no one has been hired for any projects from what I can see.

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