Bzz Agent

Bzz Agent is one of the sites that I have been a member of for a while but I am just starting to become active. However, this is not one of those sites where you will be paid money. Instead, it is a website that allows you to receive free things to give your opinion. They have different campaigns that take place and the more active you are the earlier they will alert you of the new campaigns. I have been invited to two campaigns since I signed with the site. However, I am just participating in my first campaign now.

I am participating in the Smarterer Campaign. This is one of the campaigns were you take different tests and share with your social networks how smart you are. They have different tests ranging from Disney Movie’s to Facebook tests all which are created and designed to test your knowledge. This is just one of the great campaigns that they currently have running after you complete this you will be eligible for future campaigns that will consist of you receiving products.

If you are not a member of Bzz Agent yet I highly recommend them. They are a great way to get some pretty neat stuff for free and find out about some pretty cool websites. This is something that I find gives me a nice break from writing.

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