How The New Year Has Been Going

My new year is starting off great. I am taking it easy at the moment from weeks of intense typing. I am also trying to find which law schools I want to apply for while advancing my writing career. By goals are ahead of what I expected so everything is coming together nicely. Getting taxes in order is really tricky but all of the talk about it on the forums helps out a lot.

I have also started a new blog which I plan to monetize in the niche of reviews. This year I want to start focusing more on webdesign and monetizing websites as it seems to be something that pays a pretty penny and is a nice break from writing.

I ended the year with an excellent start which has enabled me to explore quite a few different avenues. Some of the avenues are listed while others will be revealed in by e book that will be released later this year.


This year I look forward to exploring new online making money methods with you so we can reveal some of our hidden talents.


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