January’s Breakdown

January was an okay month for me. It was not one of my best months but it definitely was not one of my worst months either. I only took 2 days off and I worked hard many of the others. I didn’t meet the goal that I set in place for the month but with everything that took place it is understandable.

February is a month that I am looking forward to working hard for and finally not having to stress. All of the birthdays and holidays are out of the way so this month I can use income to pay bills and to save 🙂 I hope everyone else is developing their online careers like I am and you can find my breakdown for the month below.

Private Clients: $2,265

Interact Media: $9

Klat: $125

Odesk: $230

Jingit: $5

MyLikes: $1


One thought on “January’s Breakdown

  1. Great job as always. I didn’t make much for the month of January, only about $380. I didn’t get to work much for the month and plus having to look for other outlets for income now since the content writer from oDesk has cut back on writers. I have though picked up two more clients through oDesk, one I’m working on now and then another that I’m waiting for work to begin and do blog posts. I hope February will be better as I get more organized now.

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