Think Passenger

Well as many of you may know I have started an additional blog to try and see how the whole affiliate marketing thing works. So, now I am to the point where the website has a good start with content and I am ready to monetize it so I have to do marketing and things of that nature to attract traffic. I recently ran across this site by the name of Think Passenger and it seems like a great way to start with myself being a beginner in this section of working online and all. I thought I would share it with you guys and try to receive your feedback on it since I know a lot of the readers have niche sites and use Google Ad Sense and things of that sort to make money online. They even have online focus groups and I think that this will be a great help.


One thought on “Think Passenger

  1. I’ve been making money from home working as a Female Affiliate :D.. i love working from home it’s well better than trying to sell Avon or anythin! I signed up to that 🙂 hope it helps someone else like it helped me when i didnt have any idea where to start online 🙂 xx

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