How to Stay Focused While Writing

All writers come to that point where they become burnt out and cannot turn out anymore articles due to focus issues. One thing that writers do not realize, however, is that there are ways that can keep them from becoming burnt out. They are not things that you have to pursue every time that you write but if you get into the habit of doing them regularly you will find that you will not become burnt out quite as easily.

Take Small Breaks throughout the Day

Writers who write during a certain time period regularly find that they can avoid becoming burnt out simply by taking breaks in between their work hours. Think about it, when you work a job outside of your home you have breaks available throughout your work period. If you are someone who is good at keeping a tight schedule you can even schedule to have your breaks at a certain time each day. Sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods of time is not healthy for writers. So, instead maybe take a 15 to 30 minute break every two hours of so to give your eyes and body a time to relax. Once your body become accustom to the schedule you will find it easier to stay focus because you will not tire out as easily.

Schedule Time Off

Writers are entitled to have time off as well. Some writers work seven days a week which is why they burn out so often. If you just have one day off a week and take a mini vacation every couple of months you will find that writing will not be something that causes you to be exhausted all of the time. Obviously, everyone needs a break from time to time even though bills must be paid. However, to keep from losing clients make sure you tell them in advance when your vacations or days off will be so they will not expect the prompt responses to their emails that you have spoiled them with. A good day of the week to take off is Sunday because it can refresh you for Monday and we all know that many clients take weekends off even when we are working to meet their deadlines. A good time to vacation – even if you are going to stay at home – is when you have some spare money and have all of your bills caught up. This way you will truly be able to relax without worrying about the daily stress that being behind in bills can bring.

When You Are on Break or Having Time Off Actually Do It

Writers and many other online workers have the tendency to crave to see what is going on in the business world even when they do not have to. They have their social media sites, emails, and even Skype set up to be available to them whenever they need it via their phone. However, when you are on break even your phone should not be used for work related purposes. If you eat, breathe, and sleep writing you will burn out for longer periods of time each time you burnout and in the end that it not good for you at all. Make sure you relax and know that work does not mean you have to have 24/7 availability in the writing industry.


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