Benefits of Becoming A Pro User on My Blog Guest

For those of you who provide guest blogging My Blog Guest is one of those websites that you have to be a member of. This blogging community does allow users to be active with a Free Membership yet I have recently became a Pro Member – just last night actually – and I am seeing the benefits already.

When I was a free member all I could do was request articles from the articles gallery and respond to others who were searching for Guest Bloggers. However, now that I am a pro member I no longer have to go through the task of finding homes for my articles instead I write on any topic that I like and people offer their blogs to me.

So far I have written three articles and they were receiving offers in under an hour. I find this to be amazing because it cuts back on some of my searching time while allowing me to be productive with guest posts as well.

I know some of you are probably already familiar with this community, however, for those of you who are not I thought I would inform you about it. Also, for those who have been wondering whether or not paying the $30 a month for this status is worth I will say that it is definitely worth it.


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