Making Money As A Writer With No Degree

Quite a few people have a knack for writing yet they are writing for free simply because they do not have a degree. One thing that should be known is you do not need a degree to write as an online writer. Thousands of work at home moms make a full time income strictly working as a freelance writer online and even though it may seem come as a surprise to you not even half of the online writers have degrees and they are making a decent amount of money.

Those who do know that it is possible to make a living online writing without a degree tend to stick to content mills yet this is one of the worst things to do. The reason this is a bad thing to do because with majority of content mills you are not going to receive an increase in your pay ever. Also, you will be busy slaving away for pennies where as if you are a decent writer your work is worth way more.

One of the best ways to pursue making money online as a writer is by starting your own website that displayed your work. Clients will look past you not having a degree if your work is of high quality and they will pay top notch dollars for your words too. Another way to attract clients is by making a niche website. You will write articles and have to draw traffic to the website but affiliate programs will help you bring in a little money until your writing abilities have been noticed.

Overall, there are multiple ways that you can make it as a writer without having a degree. It all depends on how well you market yourself, how determined you are, and how much time you put into your writing career. If you can make it through the getting established phase you will find that writing online can pay more than some of the highest paying nine to five jobs.


3 thoughts on “Making Money As A Writer With No Degree

  1. In today’s economy, it seems as if you have a degree, it doesn’t really matter, so I would think that not having a degree wouldn’t be a problem. There are writing positions which do require a degree, usually in the proofreading or editing fields, but like you stated in your conclusion, if you are determined, then you will succeed!

    1. I have noticed this as well. This is what inspired this topic. I have noticed some people require a degree but I do not let it get me down. Instead I keep pushing to those who do not. Currently, I am majoring in Criminal Justice – something that is not related to most of the writing I do – yet I manage to make a decent amount of money writing.

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