Firing A Client: What Are Your Limits?

We all have those times when we have to fire a client for one reason or another. Many people reading this title will think that the author behind this article is a nutcase. However, employees are not the only people who can be fired clients can be fired to. Below, are some of the top reasons as to why many people find themselves having to fire their clients.

No Room for Advancement

When a job seeker applies for a job or shows interest in a potential offer one of the main things they are hoping for besides landing a new gig is to advance to a higher level in the future. However, the sad part about the work industry today is there are too many customers who are trying to get all they can for a small amount of money.  They are able to draw customers in with the phrases pay increased based on your experience but when it boils down to it all they have no intention at all of letting you advance to the higher pay status that they mentioned.

To Demanding

Employee’s main goals are to keep their clients happy. Sometimes this requires them to have to go an extra mile. However, going the extra mile for a client is not always a good thing because they will expect this each and every time for no additional pay. They will start to become more demanding which in return will stress you out. Once you get to the point where you feel as though a client is asking for too much it can be time for you to let them go to rid yourself of the drama.


Many works have certain things set in place such as their work hours, turnaround times, and any other things that they alert clients of at the beginning.  Many clients will agree to these things yet after a while they will begin to get into a mode where they simply do not care about it. They will start contacting you outside of your work hours or even during your vacation time. This is something that is very inconsiderate on their part. So, if you notice that your client is becoming rude with you because you do not work out of your already established work hours it can be a good idea for you to let them lose.


The hardest part about firing a client is usually the ones who you have to fire are the ones that you may have been working for a really long time. It is hard to break up a working relationship with them because you may have thought that the two of you had grown really close. Obviously, you would not want to end the working relationship abruptly instead you should begin by discussing your problems. Then, if they still do not improve what you do not like about them or pay no attention to your concerns it is a good time to let them go.

What are your limits when it comes to something that will cause you to fire a client?


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