Travel Technology for Work-From-Home Moms

Who doesn’t dream of working in a foreign country? The opportunity to work while living or vacationing  in a different part of the world is a goal of many people today, especially since technology makes this possible in ways unheard of even just 10 years ago.

Writers, Web designers, coders, Internet marketers, social media mavens – so many people now may work from just about anywhere in the world so long as they have a laptop and Internet connection.

What’s more, being able to work from anywhere means your children may be able to experience what possibly may be the most educational opportunity of all time – the chance to travel in, or actually even live in, a foreign country.

But what if you have young children? Working from your laptop may not be as easy in say, Spain, when you’ve young ones underfoot, with no family or friends nearby to watch them while you work.

But, once again, technology can come to the rescue. Read below for some of the handy apps and kid-friendly tablets we found that can help you a) find places to work while your children play nearby and b) keep your kids amused for an hour or so when you need some uninterrupted work time.

These tools can come in handy when you’re taking a long working vacation away from home – whether “home” is the U.S. or Argentina.

Judy Jetson may have had her robot maid, Rosey, to watch her kids, but you have smartphone apps.

  • For example, NKR Innovations offers the app Find Europe POI, a tool that helps you find campgrounds, cinemas, libraries, national parks, rest areas, transportation and much more on your Apple device. Check it out to find a park near your Paris pied-à-terre where you can sit and work with your laptop while your children play nearby.
  •  TripAdvisor LLC offers the TripAdvisor City Guide, a free app that provides reviews on attractions, restaurants, hotels and more in cities around the globe.  The app is edited by professionals and its City Facts tool provides articles full of information about how to get around a city as well as what neighborhoods are popular to visit and what you’ll find once there (libraries, parks, etc.). What’s more TripAdvisor has a built-in GPS compass to guide you.

Apps to help you find places to go with your children are all well and good. What about tools to help you actually get some work completed?

  •  Naturally, we recommend that “old” standby, the portable DVD player. You’ll want to be sure you bring an adapter (if traveling to countries that are on a different voltage than your home country) to make sure you can recharge the device as needed. You can keep the little ones occupied while you tend to your emails and calls.
  •  Tablet computers such as the ubiquitous iPad also are a smart choice. You can work on your laptop (or your own tablet) while Junior “works” on hers. FisherPrice, LeapFrog and Vtech all offer kid-friendly electronic “toy” tablets and Vinci offers the Vinci Tab, an Android tablet customized for toddlers and young children. The Vinci Tab, unlike the ‘toy” tablets, mimics your own tablet – the one your kids no doubt clamor for when they get bored with their “toy” tablet….


Jean Henshaw began offering content writing and other marketing communications/ editorial services in 2008 after years of a successful journalism and public relations career. Her articles have appeared in Internet World, the San Diego Union, the Des Moines Register and many others. She is a senior writer with Pimsleur Approach, leading retailers of language learning courses including How to Learn Brazilian Portuguese and How to Learn Japanese.


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