Cash Text – My Opinion

A while ago I signed up for a few companies that claimed to pay people to receive texts. I thought to myself it would be nice for a little extra money for doing something that is really easy. However, most of the companies were still in beta mode so this meant the pay would be the lowest that could be found. Then, even more sadly the only company that actually pulled through and turned out to be a success was Cash Texts.


Things I Like About Cash Text

  1. They offer you a great way to market yourself: Cash Text allows users to sell their services to people via text message. Depending on your niche you will be able to attract a lot of new customers which means a lot more sales.
  2. Referral Program: Cash Text even allows you the chance to make money by referring your friends and business partners. This is something new and fresh that it actually just might work.



You may have noticed that lately I have begun to focus on doing a little bit of Affiliate Marketing and I am noticing small improvements along the way. However, a lot of them I have not been paid from yet and this one happens to be one of them. So, currently at this time I cannot verify as to them paying personally but I can tell you that your first $5.00 made is going to go towards getting a prepaid card sent to you that all of your money will be loaded to. Also, based on my commissions page they pay every two months.

If you would like to explore this adventure with me you can find the links to the website below. I plan to try out their advertising services soon and work more on the affiliate part of the program as well. In May you can look out for an update about this company to see how they actually panned out since they have been hanging around for so long.

Cash Text or  text the phrase cashtexts 14453 to the number 69302


If anyone has any additional feedback on this company feel free to chime in.


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