Has Becoming A Work At Home Mom Turned You Into A Hermit?

Today I was just sitting back thinking about all the things I use to do before having children and starting my journey of working from home. One thing I realized is now my life strictly revolves around working, parenting, and school.  Obviously, all three of these things are important but the sad fact is I have no life outside of my home.

What Do I Do?

My day begins by opening my eyes and checking my phone to see what awaits me for the day. Then, I continue on to do some social networking which is the only time I really interact with people. The boys wake up and then I am getting them dressed and fed so I can begin the days work. When they go to bed I begin working on schoolwork. After schoolwork I go back to work and hope to make it to bed before 3am. Sounds boring huh?

Why Do I Do It?

Obviously, working from home and going to school online is the best option for me being a mother of two younger boys. It allows me to save money by not having to commute to work everyday and I also do not have to worry about paying for daycare everyday. Not to mention the fact that I am able to be around my boys 24/7 during their learning and developing phases.

What Toll Does It Take On Me?

Working, school, and parenting full time in the beginning was something that was really rough. However, as time went on it became more of a routine. I knew I would always have a way to pay my bills and make sure my kids had everything that they wanted and needed. However, the frustration started to set in as I was nearing my year mark. Obviously, I know people outside of the online world yet none of them seem to have the same goals as me or even have the schedule that I have.

What Is My Solution

So, obviously connecting with the people that I know is not a solution. Our schedules collide and even my friends who do have children have different topics to discuss then me so I am better off just staying at home working, going to school, and being a parent. I have joined mom forums and websites hoping that would be a great solution – which is was in some ways – but it was still not quite what I needed being the fact that I am still trapped in these four walls. So, recently I did some researching around in hopes to find something that would work a little better for not only me but for the kids as well. Fortunately, I was able to come across a Moms Group in the area. They do charge $25 a year to join but I thought myself of all the things that do are wonderful.

I left the website bookmarked for a few weeks and then when I decided I would no longer attend therapy – my break away from life – I knew I needed a replacement. The Moms Group in my area seemed like the next best choice. They have activities that are scheduled all the time and the best part is you can bring your kids to every single one of them. So, this is my solution to the boredom and stress.

What do you do when you start to feel like you have turned into a hermit? Do you go and hang out with the old crew or do you find a new crew?


5 thoughts on “Has Becoming A Work At Home Mom Turned You Into A Hermit?

    1. I think that it is important to get out of the home and connect with others outside of the internet. However, it can be very hard to do so as a wahm.

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