April’s Income

April was an okay month for me overall. However, I was unable to meet my income goal. I am doing writing but I focus mainly on other things now and I am in the process of starting a new business which I hope to have up and running in a couple of months. My income can be found below and out of this I only spent $205 in business related expenses which I think is wonderful. In May I am hoping to double my income and explore even more new ventures.

Private Clients: $1894

Interact Media:$2

oDesk: $614

Blogvertise: $18

Yahoo Voices: $1

Share Magnet: $14

Cash Crate:$21

Even though I may not have met my goals I still feel that this is a good amount of income to make strictly from the computer. Also, I won various things this month from contests and things such as a $25 Amazon Gift Card, a Baby Bottle, and even some really cute shoes from Midnight Velvet.

This month you can be on the lookout for reviews and giveaways to begin to take place more on the blog. I will share with you reviews of products that I have received and I also will begin hosting giveaways and things myself. This is going to be my way of saying thank you to my dedicated readers who have been following me since last year. Obviously, new comers are welcome to participate as well.

Well until next time…Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “April’s Income

  1. Great job Victoria! I have a question for you….is it worth it to join Yahoo Voice? I’m with Hubpages but they’ve unpublished all my Hubs today because they’ve changed their rules and do not like my website because I have paid offers on there. Is there any other websites like Hubpages that I could publish my articles?

    1. Thanks. Um, personally I don’t think Yahoo Voice is worth it because I make $1 every couple of months. However, I do not put much into it either. I usually post papers I have written for school or articles I wrote for clients yet they never purchased them. According to some of the members on the forum they make a full time income from there but I am not sure as to how they do it. I can suggest trying out Topic Bay I have had a little luck with them however you cannot request payout until you hit $50. I have not hit the limit yet so unfortunately I cannot personally confirm whether or not they pay. I don’t do much residential writing – I do not even write for HubPage – so I may not be the best person to ask about that.

      Maybe one of the other readers can share some tips?

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