My Second Interview

As many of you know I have been labeled as a freelance writer for over a year now. About 6 months into my freelance writing career I was asked to do an interview. At that point in time I was not very established and felt honored to be given the opportunity. Now here I am a year and a month later and I have been asked to do a 2nd interview for 1099Mom. 1099Mom is a great website to check out in general. So, you can probably imagine how honored I felt when Linsey asked me if I would like to do an interview for a fabulous website. The interview turned out great and I figured you guys may want to check it out. Also, while there be sure to take a look around the website in general. It is full of amazing information and she has also conducted other interviews with people from various niches.

Here is the link: I Want To Be A Freelance Writer 



3 thoughts on “My Second Interview

  1. We loved having you interview for 1099 Mom. There were so many useful tips our readers can use. Best of luck with your writing career!

  2. Thanks for sharing! We love that you had so much useful info to give our readers. Best of luck with your career!

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