Sell or Be Sold Book Review

Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life is an excellent book that can be purchased on Amazon. Back in March I received a review copy of the book and I must say from the very first page it had my attention. It is a book I would recommend to work at home moms and anyone else who is looking to go into business for themselves but has a few doubts.

What I Liked About The Book

When I think about what attracted me to the book the most there are just so many things that come to my mind. I will also like to say that Grant did an amazing job when it comes to this book. Below are some of the features that I want to highlight:


  • The book is broken down into easy to read sections which makes it not only easier to read the book but it draws you in more.
  • The things that are discussed in the book are actually things that we can relate to. For example, Grant mentions that everything in life has to do with selling which it does. It does not matter what job you are shooting for you are going to have to sell yourself. So, why not become a sale’s person and cut all of the extra things that come along with other jobs.

Additional Comments

Overall, I am satisfied with the book Sell or Be Sold and I highly recommend to anyone. As a matter of fact, when I started reading this book it was my inspiration to start focusing more on Affiliate Marketing and I can also say that my Affiliate Marketing earning are starting to increase even though at this point in time they are just gradually increasing.


Last, I was not paid to write this review. Instead it is an honest opinion that is coming from me that I thought I would share with my readers.


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