Secret Clinical Strength Review

As many of you already know I write for Yahoo Contributor from time to time even though I do not make much money. However, now it has finally paid off. Recently, I received a free full size sample from Secret through them. I must add that this new deodorant is right on time. I already use Secret so I had no problems at all testing out this new product for them.

As you can see from the pictures Secret Clinical Strength looks very similar to their other secret brands however this one is for sensitive skin. Also, just like any of their other deodorants it comes with the guaranteed satisfaction. The box reads, “This product is guaranteed to provide prescription strength wetness protection when used as directed.” Also, for those of you who actually purchase this product you will have 60 days of purchase to send it back for a refund. The refund should be received in 6-8 weeks yet I doubt that you will be needing to send in back.


My Personal Opinion About Secret Clinical Strength Sensitive Skin

Personally I like this product. The directions say it works best at night so I use this deodorant after I bathe at night then in the morning I use my Lavender Secret deodorant. The deodorant has a pleasant smell and it does not leave white marks on my skin. So obviously, that is another plus but I would not expect anything less from Secret anyways. I can also say that I believe it is dermatologist tested because I have very sensitive skin and this brand did not cause any itching or anything of that nature. Also, I have noticed that is also seems to make the skin under my arms smoother too.Overall, I would highly recommend this product to others and at this time I have no complaints about it at all.

As mentioned in the beginning I did receive the Secret Clinical Strength as a free sample. However, these opinions are truly my own and I am not being compensated for leaving this review.



2 thoughts on “Secret Clinical Strength Review

    1. To be honest I use this deodorant at night as the package implied. At night I usually am wearing a white tank top and shorts due to being pregnant. I can say that I do not have noticeable stains on my tank tops but since I am wearing white tops when I sleep it is possible. But, as far as the feeling that some of the other brands of deodorants leave on tops I do not experience this with this brand. So, more than likely I would say it does not – well not for me anyways – but it could possibly depend on what type of shirt you are wearing. I hope this helps.

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